IASPM Canada/Working in Music 2022 conference: extended deadline

The abstract submission deadline for the joint IASPM Canada and Working in Music 2022 conference has been extended until 1 December 2021.

We welcome topics within the conference theme of “Starting Over? Popular Music and Working in Music in a Post-Pandemic World,” or any aspect of popular music studies, broadly defined.

The conference will take place in London, Ontario, Canada, from May 22 to 25, 2022.

Further information and submission link available on the IASPM Canada website: https://www.iaspm.ca/2022conference

cfp: IASPM UK & Ireland 2022 branch conference in Liverpool

Challenge and Change in Popular Music


The 2022 IASPM-UK/Ireland Branch Conference


Liverpool, August 31st – September 2nd


Conference Themes

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social and economic crises, proposals are invited for papers that respond to contemporary global challenges and changes. Whether informed by the experiences of individuals, cities, nations or global communities, papers might respond to:

·        Global Pandemics –their consequences for musical cultures and identities, and creative responses from popular music and the music industries.

·         Changing Technologies – the opportunities and challenges they present for novelty, innovation and revival in popular music, and for new ways of engaging with music archives and heritage.

·         Environmental Changes –sustainability and the music industries, environmental concerns in popular music, and musical expressions of crisis and resilience. Responses to changes in the local environments for popular music, including policy responses such as Music Cities and Agent of Change.


  • Social Inequalities – musical reactions to political oppression and displacement, and to social and political movements such as Black Lives Matter and #Me Too.

·         Structural Changes to the Music Industries – the challenges and opportunities they present for the global music industries, from Bollywood to K-Pop and Western classical music industries. Changing and emerging models for the ownership and sale of music rights, and debates about equitable remuneration for writers and artists. 

·         Structural Changes in Higher Educationtheir impact on popular music and on debates in popular music studies concerning disciplinarity, employability, canonisation, equality and diversity.

Proposals responding to other contemporary global challenges and opportunities are also welcome.

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cfp: Eighth International Conference on Music and Minimalism

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Eighth International Conference on Music and Minimalism

Conference Dates: May 5–8, 2022

Location: Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH, USA)

Submission Deadline for Proposals: January 10, 2022

Website: http://minimalismsociety.org/cfp-eighth-international-conference-on-music-and-minimalism

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cfp: ‘Féminisation de la chanson? Approches théoriques et empiriques (2000-2022)’ – Université de Strasbourg 29-30 June 2022

Féminisation de la chanson ?  Approches théoriques et empiriques (2000 -2022) 

Journées d’étude – Université de Strasbourg 

29 – 30 juin 2022 

Coordination :  

Isabelle Marc (USIAS Strasbourg, Universidad Complutense Madrid) et Barbara Lebrun (University of Manchester) 

Comité scientifique : Cécile Prévost-Thomas (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, CERLIS), Céline Pruvost (Université de Picardie, CERCLL), Catherine Rudent (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, CERLIS), Chris Tinker (Heriot Watt University) 

Depuis le tournant du 21e siècle, l’essor, la visibilité et le succès des femmes dans les musiques populaires en France ont trouvé leur pendant universitaire dans l’éclosion des travaux sur la place des femmes et les représentations du genre et de la sexualité en chanson (Prévost-Thomas, Ravet et Rudent 2005 ; Prévost-Thomas et Ravet 2007 ; Pénet 2007 ; Hirschi 2017 ; Chaudier 2018 ; Pruvost 2018 ; Deniot 2019, entre autres). De façon plus ou moins directe, ces publications rejoignent la recherche internationale sur le féminisme, le genre, et les identités queer dans la littérature, le cinéma, et, bien-sûr, dans la popular music anglophone (Frith et McRobbie 1990 ; McClary 1991 ; O’Brien 1995 ; Whiteley 1997, 2000 et 2006 ; Brett et al. 2006 ; Jarman-Ivens 2007 et 2011, parmi beaucoup d’autres). Partant d’une conception pragmatique de la notion de genre, défini comme outil d’analyse des rapports de pouvoir entre les pôles du féminin et du masculin propres aux sociétés patriarcales (Octobre 2014), ces journées d’étude souhaitent revenir sur la profusion de talents féminins dans la chanson d’expression française et discuter des changements esthétiques et sociaux qu’elle accompagne, promeut et représente. Ce que nous appelons la féminisation de la musique populaire en France servira de point de départ pour explorer les rapports actuels entre les genres humains, qu’ils soient masculins, féminins ou autres, et les genres musicaux.  

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cfp: Progressive Rock: Geography, Culture, Discourse

With apologies for cross-posting:

Progressive Rock: Geography, Culture, Discourse

The 5th Biennial International Conference of the Progect Network for the Study of Progressive Rock

St Peter’s College, University of Oxford, August 27-29, 2022 (Oxford, UK)

General enquiries about the conference can be sent by email to: Progect2022@gmail.com

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cfp: 1st International Music Livelihoods Symposium

The Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre and/of the Creative Arts Research Institute will be holding the 1st International Music Livelihoods Symposium (online), December 6&7, 2021. https://musiclivelihoods.com/ Keynote speakers include Dr Nicole Canham (Monash University) author of recently-released Preparing Musicians for Precarious Work (Routledge).

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Yves Montand 100 Years Webinar

Yves Montand (born as Ivo Livi, 1921-1991) was a celebrated singer and actor whose fame reached different continents and even transcended the borders of the Cold War.

On 13 October 2021 at 1.00-2.30pm EEST (at 11 am in London, 12 am in Paris and 1pm in Moscow) we will celebrate Yves Montand’s 100th birthday by organizing an online seminar. The event is based on the book Yves Montand in the USSR. Cultural Diplomacy and Mixed Messages (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2021).

Link to the meeting: https://utu.zoom.us/j/62310938407


  *   Yves Montand: Film Star, Singing Star – Ginette Vincendeau, Professor, King’s College

  *   Yves Montand in the USSR: The Book – Hannu Salmi, Professor, University of Turku

  *   Montand and Jazz – Bruce Johnson, Professor, University of Turku & University of Technology Sydney

  *   The Interview Project: The Inspiration of Oral History – Ekaterina Lapina-Kratasyuk, Associate Professor, Higher School of Economics in Moscow

  *   Montand and the Soviet Audiences – Mila Oiva, Senior Research Fellow, Tallinn University

  *   Q&A, discussion

Warmly welcome!

Organized together with the International Institute for Popular Culture at the University of Turku and CUDAN Open Lab and Tallinn University.

Invitation: “Empowering Through Rhythm: The Impositions of Women’s Bodies and the Drum Kit”, 14.10.21

The Center for Gender and Diversity Research and the University of Tübingen’s alumni relations team are very happy to invite you to the next session of the seminar series “Bodies, Power, Norms”. Beatriz Medeiros (Universidade Federal Fluminense Brazil, University of Tübingen) will be introducing “Empowering Through Rhythm: The Impositions of Women’s Bodies and the Drum Kit”.

The session will be taking place virtually over zoom Thursday, 14 October 2021, 6.00 – 8.00 p.m. CEST. To attend, please send an email to alumni@uni-tuebingen.de at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

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cfp: Popular Music, Populism and Nationalism in Contemporary Europe

Call for Papers: Popular Music, Populism and Nationalism in Contemporary Europe

University of Oldenburg (Germany), 07–09 April 2022

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Mario Dunkel, Reinhard Kopanski, Simon Wehber (University of Oldenburg; Faculty III; Department of Music). 

Deadline for submitting proposals: 15thNovember 2021

It is undisputed that the recent rise of populist-nationalist and far-right parties poses a challenge to democracies, not exclusively, but also in the European Union. However, “populism’s toxic embrace of nationalism,” as Lawrence Rosenthal calls it, is more than a party-political or economic phenomenon. It also has a cultural dimension, which remains largely unexplored. Regarding music as a ubiquitous cultural practice, this conference addresses this cultural dimension from three music-oriented perspectives: 

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