The IASPM Executive Committee for 2019–2021 is:

Chair: Rupert Till (UK)
Rupert Till is a musician and musicologist. He is currently Professor of Music and Associate Dean International in the School of Music, Humanities and Media at the University of Huddersfield, UK. He has been a member of IASPM since 1999; is currently in the process of retiring as a member of IASPM Journal’s Editorial Board; is a former chair and current member-at-large of the IASPM UK & Ireland Branch executive committee; and chaired the IASPM UK&I conference organising committee in 2018. His research covers popular music composition, songwriting, performance, iconography, stardom, electronic dance music, and popular music practice. He releases ambient electronica and performs as Professor Chill, and also carries out research in music archaeology.

General Secretary: Beatriz Goubert (Colombia)
Beatriz Goubert holds a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology (Columbia University, 2019). She wrote her doctoral dissertation on Andean popular music as a strategy for indigenous revitalization and recognition in Colombia. Her research interests include popular music and culture in Latin America, language revitalization, cultural politics, intangible heritage, and urban music and migration. She is also interested in digital humanities and is currently developing a sonic map of current Muisca territory with the Columbia Libraries. She has worked and published in Latin America’s cultural politics and music education, including the book Universidad, Músicas Urbanas, Pedagogía y Cotidianidad (Zapata, Goubert, Maldonado 2004). She has also published Estado del arte de la música en Bogotá (Goubert 2009), La chisga musical, avatares de una práctica social en Bogotá (in Música y Sociedad en Colombia, Pardo 2009) and De cantaoras y cantantes: apropiaciones diferenciales del patrimonio (A Contratiempo Journal 2009). She is a member of IASPM-Latin America.

Membership Secretary: Bernhard Steinbrecher (Austria)
Bernhard Steinbrecher is post-doc researcher and lecturer in popular music at the University of Innsbruck (Austria), Department of Music. He holds a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of Music Weimar (Germany). His scientific fields of interest are analysis, theory, and history of popular music and the relation between its sounds and social, psychological, and aesthetic questions. He is currently leading a project on everyday musical practices of adolescents in Vienna. Steinbrecher’s monography The Sounds of the Popular. Perspectives on a Systematic Analysis and Interpretation of Popular Music was published in 2016. Steinbrecher is re-elected membership secretary and treasurer of the German-speaking branch of IASPM. He has been teaching at the Universites of Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck.

Treasurer: Simone Krüger Bridge (UK)
Simone Krüger Bridge is a Reader in Music at Liverpool John Moores University (UK) working at the intersection between popular music studies, music sociology, and ethnomusicology. Her published works cover subjects from the sociology of world music education (Experiencing Ethnomusicology, 2009; Ethnomusicology in the Academy, 2009) and music ethnography (Ethnography in the Performing Arts, 2008) to music, globalization and capitalism (The Globalization of Musics in Transit, 2014; Trajectories and Themes in World Popular Music, 2018). She is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Journal of World Popular Music (Equinox) and editor of The Oxford Handbook of Global Popular Music (Oxford University Press, 2021). Prior to joining academia, she completed a BSc in Business Studies and Professional Master in Banking.

Web/Publications: Kimi Kärki (Finland)
Kimi Kärki works as a Research Fellow in Cultural History & International Institute for Popular Culture (IIPC) at University of Turku, Finland. He wrote his PhD on the history of stadium rock spectacles in 2014, and is currently researching ‘Talking Machines’, funded by Kone Foundation. He holds an adjunct professorship (a title of Docent) in Cultural Heritage Studies at University of Turku. He was a Visiting Fellow at University of Liverpool Institute of Popular Music (IPM) in 2006, and Fulbright Visiting Fellow at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, USA) Center for Popular Music Studies in 2017. He is the current Secretary of European Popular Culture Association (EPCA). He has been in IASPM since 2001, and Web/Publications officer at the IASPM International 2017-2019 and again 2019-2021. He is also a practicing guitar player and singer-songwriter in several recording and internationally touring bands. He has published mostly on arena rock history and design (Ashgate, Bloomsbury), and also on heavy metal, methods of audiovisual analysis, and future imagining in popular culture. He is a member of IASPM Norden.

Member-at-large: Catherine Strong (Australia)
Catherine Strong is the Program Manager of the Music Industry program at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. She is the author of Grunge: Popular Music and Memory (2011), and co-editor of Death and the Rock Star (2015), The Routledge Companion to Popular Music History and Heritage (2018) and the forthcoming Towards Gender Equality in the Music Industry. She has been the Chair of IASPM Australia-New Zealand branch since 2015, and is co-editor of Popular Music History journal.

Member-at-large: Andrea Dankić (Sweden)
Andrea Dankić is an assistant professor in Ethnology at Stockholm University, Sweden. Her dissertation and monography Att göra hiphop: en studie av musikpraktiker och sociala positioner (= Making hip-hop: a study of musical practice and social positions) was published in 2019. The monography analyzes processes and aspects that shape Swedish hip-hop music by drawing on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Sweden including the battle rap scene, club DJs and music-oriented summer camps where young girls are taught how to make hip-hop music. Dankić’s research interests include musical practice, knowledge, skill, authenticity, intersectionality, creativity. In April 2018, she presented her on-going doctoral project within the seminar Ethnology in Sweden today, organized by the Scandinavian Section at University of California Los Angeles, USA. She is a member of IASPM Norden.

IASPM 2021 Daegu representative: Keewoong Lee (South Korea).
Keewoong Lee is a sociologist and research professor at Institute for East Asian Studies, SungKongHoe University, Korea. He is a member of IASPM executive committee in representation of the host of 2021 IASPM Conference in Daegu, South Korea. His research interests include urban culture, cultural industry, and popular music. He has thus far published books on history of Korean popular music, history of Asian popular music, gentrification of Seoul and Asian cities, and articles on musical practices of migrant workers in Korea.

IASPM Social Media Committee

The IASPM Social Media Committee was formed in March 2021. They manage the IASPM official social media accounts. Please get in touch with them at They always welcome feedback and suggestions for content! Committee members in alphabetical order:

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    Tommaso Farina, IASPM Social Media Committee Representative

    Universo Pereira, IASPM Social Media Committee Representative

    *Kristal Spreadborough, IASPM Social Media Committee Chair

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