cfp: The Chiptune Studies Reader

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Call for chapters: The Chiptune Studies Reader

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to announce that we are seeking contributions for The Chiptune Studies Reader, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed and edited volume on chiptune – or ‘chipmusic’ and ‘micromusic’ as it is also known – which we intend to publish through Oxford University Press. Rooted in the emergence of video game audio technology, and subsequently re-routed through the subversive musicality of an underground participatory culture, chiptune is a form of electronic music that has blossomed into a global phenomenon over the course of nearly four decades. Today, the umbrella term ‘chiptune’ subsumes an ever-growing plethora of (sub)genres, practices, and a heterogeneous worldwide following, whose musical output is as creatively playful and diverse as it is distinct by way of its mediation. Chiptune’s technologies, timbral palettes, and associated iconography have grown rapidly in their accessibility, playability, and ubiquity, and have become woven into pop-cultural imaginaries far beyond their own humble beginnings in the music of video games’ past.                           

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cfp: Progressive Rock, Metal, and the Literary Imagination

CFP—now open

Available here:

Progressive Rock, Metal, and the Literary Imagination

Chris Anderton and Lori Burns, editors

Progressive Rock, Metal, and the Literary Imagination will present analyses of progressive rock and metal music that reveals a striking engagement with literary texts and themes – from classic literature, mythology and poetry to science fiction, horror, and other genres. While many of the extant publications on progressive rock and metal have focused on the history of progressive rock, few have examined the ways that it intersects with the literary imagination, whether drawing on myths, legends, and stories as source material, or using storytelling modes to create new stories and worlds. Progressive rock musicians have often created concept albums based around these source materials and worlds, and they offer more than simply fantasy and escapism, with narratives and themes that comment on the social, cultural, and political milieux in which they are made.

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IASPM D-A-CH Annual International Newsletter

+++German version below+++

Dear IASPMites,

The members of D-A-CH’s executive committee and advisory board are most

delighted to announce the publication of our annual International

Newsletter 2020(+). Like every year, the newsletter reports on recent

D-A-CH-events and provides you with an overview of ongoing projects as

well as upcoming events regarding popular music studies from the German

speaking regions.

You can find the newsletter on our website:

Best wishes,

Steffen Just – General Secretary of IASPM D-A-CH


Liebe D-A-CH-Mitglieder,

Vorstand und Beirat von D-A-CH möchten Sie und euch auf unseren frisch

erschienenen International Newsletter 2020(+) aufmerksam machen. Darin

finden Sie/ findet ihr, wie gewohnt, Berichte über Ereignisse der

jüngeren Vergangenheit, inklusive Ausblicke auf sich bereits anbahnende

Projekte und Events der nahen Zukunft im Kontext von D-A-CH und beyond.

Der Newsletter kann auf unserer Website eingesehen werden. Für die

Nostalgiker*innen unter Ihnen/euch gibt’s hier auch alle anderen

Jahrgänge noch einmal zum angucken:

Schöne Grüße,

Steffen Just – Generalsekretär von IASPM D-A-CH

You may leave the IASPM mailing list at any time by sending a blank email to:


cfp: 1st International Music Livelihoods Symposium

The Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre and/of the Creative Arts Research Institute will be holding the 1st International Music Livelihoods Symposium (online), December 6&7, 2021. Keynote speakers include Dr Nicole Canham (Monash University) author of recently-released Preparing Musicians for Precarious Work (Routledge).

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Yves Montand 100 Years Webinar

Yves Montand (born as Ivo Livi, 1921-1991) was a celebrated singer and actor whose fame reached different continents and even transcended the borders of the Cold War.

On 13 October 2021 at 1.00-2.30pm EEST (at 11 am in London, 12 am in Paris and 1pm in Moscow) we will celebrate Yves Montand’s 100th birthday by organizing an online seminar. The event is based on the book Yves Montand in the USSR. Cultural Diplomacy and Mixed Messages (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2021).

Link to the meeting:


  *   Yves Montand: Film Star, Singing Star – Ginette Vincendeau, Professor, King’s College

  *   Yves Montand in the USSR: The Book – Hannu Salmi, Professor, University of Turku

  *   Montand and Jazz – Bruce Johnson, Professor, University of Turku & University of Technology Sydney

  *   The Interview Project: The Inspiration of Oral History – Ekaterina Lapina-Kratasyuk, Associate Professor, Higher School of Economics in Moscow

  *   Montand and the Soviet Audiences – Mila Oiva, Senior Research Fellow, Tallinn University

  *   Q&A, discussion

Warmly welcome!

Organized together with the International Institute for Popular Culture at the University of Turku and CUDAN Open Lab and Tallinn University.

Invitation: “Empowering Through Rhythm: The Impositions of Women’s Bodies and the Drum Kit”, 14.10.21

The Center for Gender and Diversity Research and the University of Tübingen’s alumni relations team are very happy to invite you to the next session of the seminar series “Bodies, Power, Norms”. Beatriz Medeiros (Universidade Federal Fluminense Brazil, University of Tübingen) will be introducing “Empowering Through Rhythm: The Impositions of Women’s Bodies and the Drum Kit”.

The session will be taking place virtually over zoom Thursday, 14 October 2021, 6.00 – 8.00 p.m. CEST. To attend, please send an email to at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

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