Diversity statement

IASPM is dedicated to principles of inclusion and fairness and has a commitment to equality in representation and opportunity at events and within the structure of the association. This includes actively seeking the representation of and input from members of diverse backgrounds to develop greater inclusivity in the organisation. To this end, during the planning, implementation and constitution of events, and the conduct of business relating to IASPM, committees, working groups and individual members of the Association should consider and apply principles of equality and diversity to the fullest possible extent to ensure that no individual is disadvantaged as a result of factors or status such as:

  • Academic or professional standing
  • Age 
  • Area of specialization 
  • Disability
  • Economic status
  • Employment status, such as full-time, part-time, retired, unemployed, type of institution, and academic and non-academic affiliation
  • Gender identity
  • Nationality 
  • Parental and care-giving status
  • Race and ethnicity, including a consideration of the specific circumstances of First Nations/Indigenous peoples colonised and formerly colonised by white colonial empires
  • Regional distribution or affiliations
  • Religion and belief 
  • Sexual orientation
  • Social class