How to Join

Who is invited to join?

IASPM welcomes any person interested in the study of popular music, and all non-profit-making organizations, institutions and associations involved in it one way or another. Commercial organizations are kindly requested to join IASPM as supporting members.

Where to join?

If you are living in an area with a local IASPM branch, please go on its website and follow the procedures to join it:

IASPM ANZ (Australia – New Zealand)
IASPM Benelux (Belgium – Netherlands – Luxembourg)
IASPM Canada
IASPM DACH (Germany – Austria – Switzerland)
IASPM Francophone
IASPM Hungary
IASPM Latin America
IASPM Norden (Denmark – Estonia – Finland – Iceland – Latvia – Lithuania – Norway – Sweden)
IASPM Turkey
IASPM UK – Ireland

If not, please fill the form for the individual membership.

If you have questions, please send an email to our membership secretary.

How much is it?

The exact membership subscription is dependent on the specific branch decisions, as it is composed of the international fee and the local fee. For the international fee and payment via PayPal please see the Membership Fees page.

What is the advantage?

You are invited to participate on IASPM’s e-mail discussion list and you can also choose to access the discussion lists of IASPM local branches worldwide. You may also participate in international conferences. Some of the local branches additionally support their members with conferences and journals.

Clarification note for all IASPM members regarding participation in any IASPM conference or similar event: IASPM is a single organization with various branches all directly linked to the international office. Once a person becomes a member of IASPM they are allowed to participate in any IASPM branch congress/conference/seminar/etc. IASPM fees usually include an international payment and a local payment. Each member pays his/her branch membership and then the branch sends the international dues collected from their membership to the IASPM international treasury. Just as any branch member is eligible to submit an abstract to present a paper at the IASPM biennial conference, so members of other branches are eligible to submit a paper to any other branch conference. In other words, IASPM conferences of any nature should be open to ALL IASPM members. Branches may have individual mailing lists or journals available to branch members only. Membership of more than one branch is left to individual decision.

What about the legal framework?

As an international organization IASPM is legally registered in Sweden. If you want to read the current articles of the association visit these pages:

IASPM Statutes

IASPM Rules of Procedure

Some of the branches have their own by-laws. Some are even registered as associations according to national law.

Honorary Members

Individuals who have made exceptionally distinguished contributions to the work of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music may, upon recommendation of the Executive Committee be made Honorary Membership of IASPM. Such Honorary positions were established in 1982.

Awarded in 2021:
Sara Cohen
Franco Fabbri
Reebee Garofalo
Anahid Kassabian
Tony Mitchell
Martha Tupinambá de Ulhôa

Previous awardees:
Kwabena Nketia
Koo Nemo
John Collins
Charles Hamm
Jan Fairley
Philip Tagg