cfp: Dialogues — International Music Research Conference 

Call for Papers

Dialogues — International Music Research Conference 

May 17 to May 21, 2023 

Laval University (Québec)

Deadline: January 20, 2023

The academic year 2022-2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the Faculty of Music at Université Laval. For the occasion, the faculty is organizing the Dialogues Conference, which will be held from May 17 to 21, 2023 at Université Laval, located in Quebec City. The conference, hybrid format, will host the principal Canadian research societies in music, teaching and music creation, as well as an international partner:

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cfp: III CIPS – Call for abstracts

By request, the organizing committee of the III CIPS decided to reserve a part of the event to take place online. Please find more information below:

III International Conference on Sonorities Research (CIPS) –

Sounds of the End of the World

June 7th to 9th, 2023

Fluminense Federal University (UFF) – Niterói/RJ – Brazil

In recent decades, we have witnessed changes on a global scale that can be seen as threats to human existence itself – threats caused by ourselves, as the Anthropocene theories demonstrate. Climate change, pandemics, food shortages and wars are the result of the brutal exploitation of the planet, the struggle for control of natural and economic resources, as well as the denial of the ongoing crisis.

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cfp: Music & the Moving Image Conference XIX



Conference at New York University: Friday, May 26th – Sunday, May 28th

The annual Music and the Moving Image Conference invites abstracts for paper presentations that explore the relationship between the vast universe of moving images (film, television, streaming media, video games, and advertisements) and that of music and sound. We encourage submissions from scholars and practitioners, as well as from multidisciplinary teams that have pooled their knowledge to solve problems or to develop new perspectives regarding the relationship between music and moving images. Abstracts will be selected based on their originality, relevance, significance, and clarity of presentation.

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cfp: Subcultures Network International Conference

Subcultures Network International Conference

Date: 13 April – 14 April 2023
Venue:Frenchay Campus, UWE, Bristol
Venue Location:

The Subcultures Network wishes to celebrate the diversity of disciplines, scholars, researchers and writers who have been involved in the Network over the past twelve years.

But we also aim to encourage those who haven’t been to one of our events before to submit abstracts and come and share their ideas, research and knowledge with us.

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cfp: Conference on Politics in Music and Song at Queen’s University Belfast

Call for Papers: Conference on Politics in Music and Song (Queen’s University Belfast, 8-10 September 2023) 

Music at Queen’s University Belfast in collaboration with the network ‘Songs of Social Protest’ is hosting a conference from 8-10 September 2023 that will explore the great variety of musical and lyrical expression within the field of protest song.  

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Gender and Musics in Contemporary Japan: an on-line seminar series

Gender and Musics in Contemporary Japan

An on-line seminar series organized by

Marie BUSCATTO (Idhe.s, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University – CNRS, France), and

CHUJO Chiharu (IFRAE, Inalco-CNRS, France)  

With the support of Idhe.s, IFRAE, Mage,



What does it mean to be a female musician in Japan in the 21st century? How do femininities and masculinities get performed, represented, transgressed, erased, and transformed on the musical stage? Are there musical genres which are more open to women, queer or non-binary people? How gendered are musical scenes, whether very commercial or not? If so, how does it work out within the musical industry? 

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Conference in Paris on social class, punk and metal

Subcultures, scènes musicales et classes sociales : les cas du punk et du heavy metal/Subcultures, musical scenes and social classes : the cases of punk and heavy metal

Journée d’étude le 21 octobre 2022

Laboratoires Crew & Irméccen, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

Lieu : Maison de la Recherche, 4, rue des Irlandais, 75005 Paris

Salle Claude Simon

Contacts : Romain Garbaye  ( et Gérôme Guibert (gérô

Plus d’informations :

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1st CALL – III CIPS – Sounds of the end of the world

1st CALL

III International Conference on Sonorities Research (CIPS) –

Sounds of the end of the world

Dates: June 07, 2023 to June 09, 2023

Location: Fluminense Federal University – Niterói/RJ – Brazil

During the last decades, global changes that can be threats to human existence itself have emerged – threats caused by ourselves, as theories of the Anthropocene show. Climate change, pandemics, food shortage and wars are the result of brutal economic exploitation of the planet as well as struggles for the control of natural resources and the denial of the ongoing crisis of the planet.

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IASPM 2023 Conference call for papers


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

June 26–30, 2023

Theme: Popular Music in Crisis

!!! Extended deadline: November 30, 2022 !!!

It is not hyperbolic to claim that crisis characterizes the state of the world in the 2020s. The COVID-19 virus still rages across the globe. In many countries, this public health crisis intersects with a crisis of political legitimacy caused by increased polarization and the rise of right-wing populism. The refusal of many to vaccinate themselves against COVID-19 has led to the continuing spread of the disease. Elsewhere, similar dynamics are exacerbated by lack of effective vaccines, little-to-no capacity to make them, and the hesitancy of wealthier countries to distribute vaccines beyond their national borders. An ever smaller number of people control most of the world’s wealth as the gap between the wealthy and the poor has become a seemingly unbridgeable chasm. The ongoing crisis of climate change manifests in many ways: increasingly dangerous storms, displaced populations, out-of-control fires, financial and material devastation, rising sea levels, and more, unfortunately exacerbated by politics and the destructive impact of late capitalism. Wars, civil and otherwise, have also increased the numbers of migrants whose home countries are devastated but who are not welcomed elsewhere, leading to a crisis of the displaced and, with the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine compounding continued struggles in Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine, Syria, and many other regions, heightened tension between global powers that at times evokes the Cold War. The rise of neo-fascism has accompanied the return of dangerous nationalisms that attempt to disenfranchise certain members of society, often by race, gender, and sexuality, while reinforcing existing social and racial constructions. Other crises abound, as white supremacy rises again in North America and Europe, women’s rights are under attack in various repressive regimes across the globe, and we learn of human rights abuses perpetrated during military crises and civil unrest.

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GROOVE THE CITY – International Scholars’ Study Session

VIENNA PERSPECTIVES – Art, Urban Space and Social In-/Equality

Urban Music Studies and Digital Humanities

Nov. 16th – 18th, 2022 +++ MUK Vienna

Artistic interventions in public space, the relocation of cultural events and festivals from the city center to the outskirts as well as the intention to achieve an all-encompassing social equality through music and the arts remain a central motive of urban cultural policy. Therefore, the concept of class and various mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion – in  Luhmann’s sense – still operate as parameters for measuring social equality and inequality. In the field of music and urban culture, this situation continually leads to discourses about participation, access and interpretive power – until today and especially after the rupture of the cultural fields caused by the pandemic and since the beginning of the war happening in Ukraine.

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