IASPM Register of Systems

General Data Protection Regulation: Register of Systems

Our website is generally accessible and usable without any indication of personal data. However, when visiting our website the web server automatically stores log files that cannot be assigned to a specific person. These data include: browser type and version, operating system used, referrer URL (the page previously visited), IP address of the requesting computer, server request date and time of access, and client file request (file name and URL). These data are collected solely for the purpose of statistical evaluation. A transfer to third parties, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, does not take place.

Personal data of IASPM members
Personal details of members are collected directly by IASPM Membership Secretary and/or Treasurer, or by the Membership Secretaries and/or Treasurers of IASPM branches in the context of a request for IASPM membership. Personal details include: name, surname, contact email, IASPM branch of belonging, and waged/unwaged status (this last detail is only collected to determine the type of membership, and thus the amount of the annual fee that IASPM branches must pay for each member). Personal details are provided by members voluntarily, and they may revoke permission to store them at any time, by writing to their branches’ Membership Secretaries and/or Treasurers, or to IASPM Membership Secretary and/or Treasurer at: iaspminternational@gmail.com. This revocation will have immediate effect.

International mailing list
Personal details of IASPM members will not be shared with any third parties, the only exception is the University of Liverpool, which is the owner of the IASPM international mailing list hosting server. Access rights to IASPM members personal data by University of Liverpool’s officers are strictly regulated by an agreement between the Institute of Popular Music, University of Liverpool, and IASPM. However, the owner of IASPM international mailing list is IASPM Membership Secretary (iaspminternational@gmail.com), who may add or cancel listserv members at the request of individual members or IASPM branches’ Membership Secretaries. The personal details stored on the international mailing list database are: name, surname, and contact email. Only IASPM members whose status is updated have the right to take part in the international mailing list, so IASPM Membership Secretary may periodically cancel the data of past members. Members may revoke permission to store their data at the listserv hosting server at any time, by writing to IASPM Membership Secretary at: iaspminternational@gmail.com. This revocation will have immediate effect.

Updated 22 May, 2019