cfp: 1st International Music Livelihoods Symposium

The Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre and/of the Creative Arts Research Institute will be holding the 1st International Music Livelihoods Symposium (online), December 6&7, 2021. Keynote speakers include Dr Nicole Canham (Monash University) author of recently-released Preparing Musicians for Precarious Work (Routledge).

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Yves Montand 100 Years Webinar

Yves Montand (born as Ivo Livi, 1921-1991) was a celebrated singer and actor whose fame reached different continents and even transcended the borders of the Cold War.

On 13 October 2021 at 1.00-2.30pm EEST (at 11 am in London, 12 am in Paris and 1pm in Moscow) we will celebrate Yves Montand’s 100th birthday by organizing an online seminar. The event is based on the book Yves Montand in the USSR. Cultural Diplomacy and Mixed Messages (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2021).

Link to the meeting:


  *   Yves Montand: Film Star, Singing Star – Ginette Vincendeau, Professor, King’s College

  *   Yves Montand in the USSR: The Book – Hannu Salmi, Professor, University of Turku

  *   Montand and Jazz – Bruce Johnson, Professor, University of Turku & University of Technology Sydney

  *   The Interview Project: The Inspiration of Oral History – Ekaterina Lapina-Kratasyuk, Associate Professor, Higher School of Economics in Moscow

  *   Montand and the Soviet Audiences – Mila Oiva, Senior Research Fellow, Tallinn University

  *   Q&A, discussion

Warmly welcome!

Organized together with the International Institute for Popular Culture at the University of Turku and CUDAN Open Lab and Tallinn University.

Invitation: “Empowering Through Rhythm: The Impositions of Women’s Bodies and the Drum Kit”, 14.10.21

The Center for Gender and Diversity Research and the University of Tübingen’s alumni relations team are very happy to invite you to the next session of the seminar series “Bodies, Power, Norms”. Beatriz Medeiros (Universidade Federal Fluminense Brazil, University of Tübingen) will be introducing “Empowering Through Rhythm: The Impositions of Women’s Bodies and the Drum Kit”.

The session will be taking place virtually over zoom Thursday, 14 October 2021, 6.00 – 8.00 p.m. CEST. To attend, please send an email to at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

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cfp: Popular Music, Populism and Nationalism in Contemporary Europe

Call for Papers: Popular Music, Populism and Nationalism in Contemporary Europe

University of Oldenburg (Germany), 07–09 April 2022

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Mario Dunkel, Reinhard Kopanski, Simon Wehber (University of Oldenburg; Faculty III; Department of Music). 

Deadline for submitting proposals: 15thNovember 2021

It is undisputed that the recent rise of populist-nationalist and far-right parties poses a challenge to democracies, not exclusively, but also in the European Union. However, “populism’s toxic embrace of nationalism,” as Lawrence Rosenthal calls it, is more than a party-political or economic phenomenon. It also has a cultural dimension, which remains largely unexplored. Regarding music as a ubiquitous cultural practice, this conference addresses this cultural dimension from three music-oriented perspectives: 

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Music and Racism in Europe 20.-22.10.2021

Music and Racism in Europe

Online Symposium, 20—22 October 2021

Registration for the Music and Racism in Europe online symposium has been extended to October 10. For more info visit:

We are also happy to announce the full line-up of our music industries panel, which is organized as part of the symposium:

Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité, Musician, Sweden
Renaz Ehbrahimi, Journalist, Finland
Lena Midtveit, CEO, Sony Music Norway
Moderator: Anthony Kwame Harrison, Professor, Virginia Tech

Keynote speakers:

Kira Thurman, University of Michigan
Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta, University of Birmingham

For more info about the panel and keynote speakers:

Full programme:

The symposium is organised by Research Association Suoni and the Kone Foundation funded research project ”Music researchers in society: Advancing social justice through activist music research” in collaboration with University of Helsinki (Musicology), CEMFOR — Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism at Uppsala University, IASPM-Norden (International Association for the Study of Popular Music and Music Finland.

Symposium conveners: Kim Ramstedt (Suoni) and Jasmine Kelekay (CEMFOR)

Contact: kim.ramstedt[at] /

IASPM-Canada’s POPULAR MUSIC FUTURES | Virtual Speaker Series

IASPM-Canada proudly announces its new, online speaker series. Each month, a wide range of speakers will engage with emerging research in the field of popular music studies. This year the series runs on the first Monday of each month, starting in October.

RSVPing to this event provides you with a one-time registration for all of our upcoming events. Full line up will be announced shortly.

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Popular Music Books in Process Series

The series returns, with a new day and time for events, Mondays at 5pm ET. As always, we’re a collaboration between the Pop Conference, IASPM-US, and Journal of Popular Music Studies, with series programming co-organized by Kimberly Mack (University of Toledo), Eric Weisbard (University of Alabama), and Carl Wilson (Slate). Our previous sessions, from 2020-2021, can be found on YouTube: We encourage you to tell people about the series: they can email to be added to the weekly mailing list.

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cfp: 2022 Pop Conference

2022 Pop Conference Call for Presentations

When I Think of Home: Race and Borders in Popular Music”

April 21-23, 2022

Many of us have been home, listening to music. Stuck there during the global pandemic, we have explored what home sounds like and what home means materially, culturally, and in ways that are utterly personal. As a place of security that feels less a given than before; as a right that many do not enjoy; as a nexus of struggle in a time of gentrification, economic transformation, conflict over indigenous homelands. For some home is a place it can be necessary to leave, and for others it is one, as Stephanie Mills made clear, it sure would be nice to get back to.

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2021/2022 Ethnomusicology Group of Barcelona’s Season Opening – “RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN MUSIC AND NARRATIVE IN BATMAN FILMS”

The first colloquium of the 2021/2022 season, entitled “RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN MUSIC AND NARRATIVE IN BATMAN FILMS”, will take place on Thursday, September 30th, and will be conducted by researcher and professor Santos Martínez Trabal (UAB). You will find all the information about it on our Website and Facebook (check the links below).

Where: Museu Etnològic i de les Cultures del Món

Room: Sala de Actos-Seu Montcada


When: 19-21 p.m (Spanish local time).

Language: Spanish

Online session transmitted via Facebook Live:

Breaking and the Olympics Speaker Series

This 2021-22 online speaker series will bring together Hip Hop researchers and dance practitioners to exchange ideas, share research in its developmental stages, and broaden our collective knowledge. The talks are free and open to anyone to attend, ask questions and develop the conversation. 

The full program is available here: 


REGISTER FOR THE ZOOM LINK HERE:                     ttps:// 

Hosted by Mary Fogarty (York University) & Jason Ng (University College Cork)
For any inquiries please email: