Statement about use of sonic weapons in Chile

The International Association for the Study of Popular Music IASPM rejects the use of sonic weapons in the social protests in Chile. This statement was prepared by the Latin American and Spanish IASPM branches and the Spanish Society for Ethnomusicology and approved by the Executive Committee in December 19, 2019.

IASPM and their Latin American and Spanish branches, and Sibe, the Spanish Society for Ethnomusicology issue the following statement:

IASPM, IASPM-LA, and IASPM-Spain are professional associations that bring together more than a thousand specialists in the study of music and sound in society.

As professionals, we want to express our deep concern and rejection of the Chilean government’s intention to incorporate acoustic weapons to repress the social protests that have taken place in recent weeks.

Our colleagues from the Chilean Society of Musicology have exposed in detail the dangers to the health and physical integrity of the protesters and of the general population that the use of this arsenal implies (see English version here).

We want to emphasize that sound in all its forms (including music) is a fundamental factor in the construction of people’s subjectivity and the social ties that articulate our society. Its use for repressive purposes has numerous and painful antecedents that we cannot allow to be repeated and normalized.

Executive Board IASPM

IASPM-Latin America


Sibe-Sociedad de Etnomusicología

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Survey About Audio Engineering/Music Production

Dear audio colleague,

We are inviting you to participate in an online survey that aims to capture important demographic information about the audio industry and recording producers/engineers’ experiences of discrimination in the studio. Our goal is to document experiences of discrimination within audio engineering and music production. The results from the study will be used for academic, educational and industry purposes. The survey would take about 20-30 minutes to complete (divided into two parts):

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The New Norient Space – Community Platform for Music Research

Dear IASPM Colleagues

Over the last three years, we have worked hard to create the new Norient Space, The Now in Sound, a transdisciplinary virtual gallery and community platform for music research, music journalism and art. We shut down the Norient magazine yesterday. 

The planned Norient Space will offer an extensive archive and can increase the public visibility and acceptance of research fields such as ethnomusicology, popular music studies, sound studies, digital humanities, media studies, postcolonial studies and artistic research.

Please have a look at our crowdfunding campaign

In English:

Auf Deutsch:  

You can become 1 of 1000 Founding Members, or support it small or big, and you can test the existing beta-site. Please also help to share it with your colleagues, via email, social media, mailing lists, newsletters…  – The space will only go online, if supported by a strong community and dedicated membership. If we miss this big step, Norient could disappear altogether.  

Our goal is to create independent community of thinkers and artists worldwide. We will continue to produce and publish quality content, but we will also provide new formats to promote your books, journals, films, podcasts, or conference proceedings. We think such a platform is long overdue – Research must reach the public and must not be hidden in university libraries. Only in this way can it initiate social developments. 

Norient will continue to present great music, and will remain an advocate for music scenes from Bolivia to Ghana to Pakistan – and for a world beyond Eurocentrism, exoticism and discrimination.

As a founding member, you can make this vision of a multi-layered, polyphonic writing of contemporary history through music , sound and noise(s) a reality. Only together, can we defy algorithms and filter bubbles – and tell new stories that are heard far and wide.

We would therefore be delighted if you join us and support our idea. 

We can’t wait to get started!  

Kindest Regards,

Thomas Burkhalter and Sandra Passaro

The International Society for Metal Music Studies (+board elections)

The International Society for Metal Music Studies was founded with the purpose to bring Metal scholars from around the world together to share ideas, develop new research, and grow our field. As the organization has expanded over the years, we have seen that happen through the creation of the only journal specifically for Metal research, Metal Music Studies, and we have had 4 biennial conferences since the founding of the organization in 2013.  As we have expanded our reach we are always looking for more members, and this letter is an opportunity for us to let others know a bit about our group and its purpose.

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FWP: MUSIC ID Digital Research Fellowship

Call for Applications

MUSIC ID Digital Research Fellowship

Deadline: December 20, 2019

Music ID is pleased to announce its second annual Digital Research Fellowship in popular music studies.

Music ID is an academic platform that compiles current and historical music industry data into a single, easy-to-use source. Incorporating 5,452 different charts spanning 74 countries, Music ID provides access to chart information from Billboard and the Official Charts Company dating back to the 1950s, as well as contemporary, day-to-day statistics on iTunes downloads, Spotify and Apple Music streams, and Shazam searches. It also includes built-in visualization tools which allow users to create and export customizable tables and graphs. 

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COST Action: Cultural Victimology (incl. pop music)

Dear colleagues,

Together with a few colleagues at Tilburg University (The Netherlands) and beyond, I have drafted a COST Action proposal, which has recently be granted. COST Action is meant to build up and maintain a network of researchers, living and working in the EU, regarding a specific research area. The COST Action I’m part of is about Cultural Victimology.
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2019 IASPM Book Prize

Following the successful 2017 edition, where 20 book nominations were submitted, IASPM is pleased to launch a call for nominations for the 2019 IASPM Book Prize. As in previous editions, the IASPM Book Prize will be awarded to two outstanding first books by a single author on popular music, one in English, the other in any other language. The report and verdict of the Book Prize Jury will be presented at the next IASPM Biennial Conference, to be held in Canberra, Australia, 24-28 June 2019.

Nominations are invited from IASPM members of books they consider to be possible contenders for such an award. Authors nominated should preferably already be members of IASPM, or should become members of IASPM after being nominated, in order to be eligible. The nominations should be sent at this stage to the Chairs of the Book Prize Jury Felipe Trotta and Sílvia Martínez ( by 10 November 2018.

When nominating a book, please provide the following details:
• Author, nationality
• Bibliographical information, including language and page count of the book nominated
• Confirmation of IASPM membership, including branch

Authors may either self-nominate, or other members may nominate authors and books they regard as worth considering for the award. Please let us reiterate the criteria for eligibility:
• a single author
• a member of IASPM
• her/his first book (in any language)

Books nominated must have been already published and be commercially available from January 1st 2017 to October 31st 2018. The notification of acceptance will be sent via email, by Chairs, before November 30th. In order to be assessed by the IASPM Book Prize Jury 2019, an electronic copy of each book must be sent by the publisher or the author before January 10th 2019 to the Book Prize Chairs. A hard copy of the book must also be sent to the Canberra 2019 Organizing Committee before June 2019.

Please circulate this call within branches, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the 2019 IASPM Book Prize.

With best wishes,
Felipe Trotta
Sílvia Martínez
Chairs of the 2019 IASPM Book Prize Jury