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This is posted on behalf of Dave Sanjek’s family.

Dear Family & Friends,

A campus-wide memorial service for Professor David Sanjek will be held on Thursday, February 23 from 11 am to 2 pm at the University of Salford in Salford, England.

David passed away on November 29, 2011 in New York while en route to the annual meeting of the Historic Recording Preservation Board at the  US Library of Congress, a board on which he had served for the past ten years. Continue reading

Master of Music degree at Texas State University – Mariachi and Salsa tracks

Texas State University offers a 36-hour Master of Music degree with emphases in either Latin Music Performance or Latin Music Education, and tracks in either Mariachi or Salsa music. The program includes specialized courses in Salsa and Mariachi arranging, vocal and instrumental techniques, ensembles, and history and research. For degree plans, media, and info on the award-winning ensembles Salsa del Rio and Mariachi Nueva Generacion, please visit http://latin.music.txstate.edu or contact John Lopez (johnlopez@txstate.edu).

IASPM 17th Biennial Conference‏

Call for papers
Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Challenging Orthodoxies
IASPM 17th Biennial Conference
24-28 June 2013
Universidad de Oviedo
Place: Gijón, Spain

The popular music studies field in all its inter-disciplinarity has been characterised by encounter, dialogue and exchange, and also by tension. Our title ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ takes the triple metaphor of bridge, inferring meetings and communication; trouble, indicating stresses and power struggles; and water, indicating flow and travel, as fertile themes for debate at the 17th Biennial IASPM Conference. We propose five streams (TRACKS) dealing with popular music and history, marginality, copyright, collectivities, and space. Extending across all streams is the topic of technology. Continue reading

Virtual Bands, Virtual Music

Call for chapters
Virtual Bands, Virtual Music
Deadline for proposals: 31 May 2012

Shara Rambarran and Sheila Whiteley are seeking contributions from the wide spectrum of musicology and social sciences for an edited text on Virtual Bands, Virtual Music that will reflect upon its origins, its characters, its music(s), its scattered identity, its legacy, its worldwide membership and circulation. How can we define aesthetically, culturally, politically, and ideologically the concept and meaning of virtual bands? To what extent is contemporary popular music driven by the digital media (Internet, digital music distribution, consumption), music technology (sampling, remix, MP3), and creative artistic technology (music video, performance, virtual groups)? Continue reading

BAPMAF Archives Accra Flood Disaster Report

Update from John Collins on the Accra flood disaster
BAPMAF webpage
Information on donations

It’s now almost three months since the disastrous Accra floods of October 26th hit my house and the BAPMAF music archives. So in this letter I want to update the situation and also thank the people who contributed through sympathetic and morale-boosting emails and through financial donations and other forms of support. Continue reading

4th Music and Media Meeting

Call for papers
Music and Media
28-29 June 2012
Università di Torino, Turin

The IMS study group ‘Music and Media’ (MaM) will hold its fourth international meeting in Turin at the Università di Torino, as pre-conference to the IMS Rome 2012 conference. One of the themes will be ‘Unheard Melodies: 25 years’. This session will thematize a retrospective on Claudia Gorbman’s groundbreaking book on the role of narrative film music. Continue reading

Rock, Pop and Culture Subjects for TEMPO Series

Call for authors
Rock, Pop and Culture Subjects for TEMPO Series

Scarecrow Press (United States) is accepting proposals for book-length studies in English on rock, popular music, and culture for a new book series called TEMPO.

“Drawing from the fields of culture studies, sociology, media studies, music history and literary studies, Tempo books will study an artist, genre or subgenre of rock or popular music as emerging in a cultural context and as developing in response to the surrounding forces of the times. Written for college-level audiences and general readers, Tempo books will present clear and engaging studies that assess an artist’s influence on the music industry and wider social contexts.”

For more information and proposal guidelines, visit: https://tempobooks.wordpress.com/

Tempo Series Editor: Scott Calhoun, tempo@scarecrowpress.com