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Charles Hamm (1925-2011)

A personal tribute by Philip Tagg

Charles Hamm, founder member of IASPM and distinguished music scholar, died on 16 October 2011. He will be sorely missed.

I was delighted when, in 1981, Charles agreed to deliver a paper at the first IASPM international conference in Amsterdam. And what a paper it was! If only we’d paid more attention to what was really popular on TV — The Osmonds and Sousa marches rather than to what was #1 in the charts (Kim Carnes) or particularly cool among rockologists— we “could easily have predicted the outcome of last fall’s presidential election”, he argued, “and anticipated other recent events in the United States signalling a massive swing to the right, politically and socially” (Hamm, 1982: 13). Continue reading “Charles Hamm (1925-2011)”

2011 IASPM Book Prize

The 2011 IASPM Book Prize
Co-ordinated by Antti-Ville Kärjä
Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

The 2011 IASPM prize for a book written in English is awarded to Protest Music in France by Barbara Lebrun.
The 2011 IASPM Book Prize for a book written in a language other than English is awarded to Creating the Myth of ‘Japanese Spirit’ by Yusuke Wajima.
Special Mention is given to El videoclip en España by Eduardo Viñuela.

Download the Book Prize report here [104KB].

Comments on IASPM 2011 conference by Bruce Johnson

During the closing plenary session at IASPM 2011 International conference, six speakers from as many continents were asked to present their summarising comments on the conference. These are Bruce Johnson’s reflections for Australasia.

First, I want once again to thank and congratulate the conference organisers for the logistical triumph they have achieved in getting us all to this relatively inaccessible destination, for looking after us so well and so cheerfully, and for organising not just the conference, but some really memorable excursions. Continue reading “Comments on IASPM 2011 conference by Bruce Johnson”