Update regarding the position of Chair of IASPM International


Dear members,

On 20th May we emailed to advise that, following the Chair of IASPM stepping down from his position, the Executive Committee of IASPM would be operating on a collective basis to deal with a number of urgent matters. These include: the upcoming international conference in Daegu, Korea; an ethics investigation into the sexual harassment allegations that have been made; the construction of a code of ethics for our members; and a social media policy.

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Call Extended – SEM Student News, 18.1 (“Music and Pleasure”)

Dear Colleagues,

This is the second call for submissions for the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of SEM Student News. The theme for this new issue, Vol. 18, No.1, is “Music and Pleasure.” The frequent stratification between professional musicianship and making music “for pleasure” often frames the latter category as something less serious or valuable. But for many of us, participating in and experiencing music in informal or communal spaces fills us with powerful sensations of joy. Music is often a part of other activities associated with pleasure such as sex, the alteration of one’s consciousness through drugs or meditation, and physical expressions like dancing. Music is also frequently integral to the pleasure gained from forming connection with a group (e.g., singing songs at sporting events) or passing through different stages of our lives (e.g., music in play settings among children). In this issue, we want to take seriously the interrogation of pleasure as it relates to these and other activities in and around music.

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Job opportunity at Popular Music in Groningen

Dear IASPM community, 

For those of you who might be interested, I would like to draw your attention to a recent job vacancy in Popular Music at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). 

We are looking for a full-time (permanent) colleague (assistant prof.) for our Popular Music, Sound and Media Cultures program (amongst others) in Groningen. 

Application deadline: August 15th. 

For more information and details, see: 


New MA PopMediaCulture at Paderborn University

Dear Colleagues,

sorry for cross-posting, please have a look at our new international master’s program “PopMediaCulture – German-Latin American Cultural Mediations” starting at winter term 2022/23 at Paderborn University/Germany:



cfp: Reframing Music Video Research conference, Turku, Finland, 20.-21.4.2023

What: Music video research conference

Where: Turku, Finland

Organizers: #NorPopVid Finnish Academy research project, Åbo Akademi, University of Turku, Finnish Ethnomusicological Society SES, IIPC

Conference committee: Anna-Elena Pääkkölä (chair), John Richardson, Mathias Korsgaard, Johannes Brusila, Hanna-Mari Riihimäki

Keynote speakers: Nikki Dibben, Kai Arne Hansen, Emily Casten 

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cfp: Gender in Pub Rock

Andy Bennett and Jon Stratton are editing a collection discussing pub rock in the UK and Australia. We are looking for someone to write a chapter on gender, focusing on women, and pub rock in the UK. The completed chapter will be around 6000 words and we will need it around the middle of November. The book is to be published by Routledge. All enquiries should go to either Andy or Jon, or both of us. Andy’s email address is a.bennett@griffith.edu.au, Jon’s email address is jon.stratton@unisa.edu.au.

cfp: Special Issue of Rock Music Studies

After All This Time: Legacy Acts, Fandom, and Collective Identity

Guest-edited by Andy Bennett and Devpriya Chakravarty (Griffith University, Australia)

Submissions are invited for a special issue of Rock Music Studies on the topic of Legacy Acts, Fandom, and Collective Identity. Popular music is now increasingly acknowledged as a key aspect of contemporary history and heritage. The marketing of popular music as a form of youth-based leisure and consumption from the mid-1950s onward has had significant implications for its cultural meaning as a collective soundtrack and a means through which successive generations of youth have sought to distinguish themselves from the parent culture. This aspect of the relationship between popular music and youth became more pointed during the 1960s and into the 1970s with a new political sensibility among youth, and was also reflected in much of the popular music of the time, which gave rise to a global counter-cultural movement. This sensibility continued to reverberate in subsequent musical genres such as punk, post-punk and new wave.

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Executive Committee communication

Dear members,

In light of Rupert Till’s resignation as chair of IASPM, the Executive Committee wants to report on temporary operating measures while we decide how to find a new chair. Given the wide range of urgent tasks that need to be solved, as an emergency measure, the Committee members decided to take on the tasks of the management collectively. We will operate as a collegiate body where individual members will be responsible for specific tasks. This will give us time to work on very urgent matters that require our immediate attention, including the Daegu 2022 international conference that will happen in 5 weeks, the ethics investigation into the sexual harassment allegations, the construction of a code of ethics for our members, and a social media policy. As explained in previous communications, these tasks are being addressed most seriously and professionally, including hiring a sexual-violence consultancy firm to develop the investigation and creating an ethics committee to establish a code of ethics and other protocols to avoid repetition.

In the meantime, we will explore options for deciding on a new chair. We have begun talking to members who have been involved in similar situations in the past when Chairs have not completed their term to find out what was done then and how well it worked. We will keep you informed of any decisions made and invite any input you might have into this.

Chris Anderton (treasurer)
Andrea Dankić (Member-at-large) 
Ali C. Gedik (Member-at-large)
Beatriz Goubert (General Secretary)
Kimi Kärki (Web/Publications)
Keewoong Lee (Daegu Conference representative)
Andrew Mall (United States Conference representative)
Bernhard Steinbrecher (Membership secretary)
Catherine Strong (Member-at-large) 

[IASPM XXI 2022] Notice of extension of standard registration period

Dear participants of the IASPM XXI 2022: 

This email is sent to all participants to inform that the deadline of the standard registration is extended to May 20, 2022. 


Receiving many requests regarding the registration extension, the deadline of standard registration of IASPM XXI 2022 has been extended to May 20, 2022. We are expecting that our decision about extension will be of great help to many people’s participation. Please visit the registration page to finish registration: 

Also, please note that all presenters (both individual, panel and film/video) must finish their registration to present in IASPM XXI 2022. 

If you have any queries, please contact IASPM XXI 2022 Secretariat at iaspm2021@gmail.com

We look forward to meeting you up (virtually) at the conference very soon. 

Kind regards, 

Keewoong Lee 

Hyunjoon Shin 

IASPM XXI 2022 Local Organising Committee