cfp: Eighth International Conference on Music and Minimalism

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Eighth International Conference on Music and Minimalism

Conference Dates: May 5–8, 2022

Location: Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH, USA)

Submission Deadline for Proposals: January 10, 2022


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Job Posting – TT Assistant Professor in Music at Swarthmore CollegeJob Posting – TT Assistant Professor in Music at Swarthmore College

Assistant Professor of Music

Swarthmore College: Music & Dance Department


Swarthmore, PA

Open Date

Oct 25, 2021


The Department of Music and Dance at Swarthmore College invites applications for a tenure-track position in Music at the rank of Assistant Professor beginning August 2022. We seek candidates who specialize in African-American, African and/or African-diasporic musical cultures in subfields such as (but not limited to) ethnomusicology, historical musicology, music theory, music education, composition, or music technology/production. We are particularly interested in candidates whose work is grounded in music scholarship and its intersections with Critical Race Studies, Black Studies and/or Africana Studies.

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Dave Laing PhD Scholarship (application deadline: 8 November 2021)

Applications are invited for the Dave Laing PhD Scholarship funded by the Margaret Wethered Bequest

The scholarship is attached to the Institute of Popular Music, homed in the Department of Music at the University of Liverpool. It is established in honour of Dave Laing, who was closely associated with the institute, from its foundation in 1988 until his death in 2019.

Dave was a prolific writer and editor, with a wide range of interests and abilities, and his work spanned the history and breadth of British popular music studies. He was a central contributor to the leading journals and encyclopaedias in the field, and authored numerous publications, including the first work of British popular music studies The Sound of Our Time (1969), the pioneering book on punk One Chord Wonders, and two monographs on Buddy Holly. First and foremost, however, Dave was a music journalist and in this role he also broke new ground. He was a contributor to the rock magazine Cream before becoming a founding editor of Let it Rock, but he also had a strong interest in the music business. He became an early leader in the detailed and rigorous study of the music industries, authoring numerous industry reports while also acting as press officer for IFPI, deputy editor of Music Week, and founding editor of Music Business International.

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cfp: ‘Féminisation de la chanson? Approches théoriques et empiriques (2000-2022)’ – Université de Strasbourg 29-30 June 2022

Féminisation de la chanson ?  Approches théoriques et empiriques (2000 -2022) 

Journées d’étude – Université de Strasbourg 

29 – 30 juin 2022 

Coordination :  

Isabelle Marc (USIAS Strasbourg, Universidad Complutense Madrid) et Barbara Lebrun (University of Manchester) 

Comité scientifique : Cécile Prévost-Thomas (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, CERLIS), Céline Pruvost (Université de Picardie, CERCLL), Catherine Rudent (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, CERLIS), Chris Tinker (Heriot Watt University) 

Depuis le tournant du 21e siècle, l’essor, la visibilité et le succès des femmes dans les musiques populaires en France ont trouvé leur pendant universitaire dans l’éclosion des travaux sur la place des femmes et les représentations du genre et de la sexualité en chanson (Prévost-Thomas, Ravet et Rudent 2005 ; Prévost-Thomas et Ravet 2007 ; Pénet 2007 ; Hirschi 2017 ; Chaudier 2018 ; Pruvost 2018 ; Deniot 2019, entre autres). De façon plus ou moins directe, ces publications rejoignent la recherche internationale sur le féminisme, le genre, et les identités queer dans la littérature, le cinéma, et, bien-sûr, dans la popular music anglophone (Frith et McRobbie 1990 ; McClary 1991 ; O’Brien 1995 ; Whiteley 1997, 2000 et 2006 ; Brett et al. 2006 ; Jarman-Ivens 2007 et 2011, parmi beaucoup d’autres). Partant d’une conception pragmatique de la notion de genre, défini comme outil d’analyse des rapports de pouvoir entre les pôles du féminin et du masculin propres aux sociétés patriarcales (Octobre 2014), ces journées d’étude souhaitent revenir sur la profusion de talents féminins dans la chanson d’expression française et discuter des changements esthétiques et sociaux qu’elle accompagne, promeut et représente. Ce que nous appelons la féminisation de la musique populaire en France servira de point de départ pour explorer les rapports actuels entre les genres humains, qu’ils soient masculins, féminins ou autres, et les genres musicaux.  

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cfp: Progressive Rock: Geography, Culture, Discourse

With apologies for cross-posting:

Progressive Rock: Geography, Culture, Discourse

The 5th Biennial International Conference of the Progect Network for the Study of Progressive Rock

St Peter’s College, University of Oxford, August 27-29, 2022 (Oxford, UK)

General enquiries about the conference can be sent by email to:

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Live DMA searching for partners

Call Towards a competitive, fair and sustainable European music ecosystem
Planned opening date 20 January 2022

Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON)

Deadline date 20 April 2022 17:00:00 Brussels time


Projects should contribute to at least two the following expected outcomes:
*Provide new/improved methodologies for capturing the economic and societal value of music.
*Develop indicators to better detect the performance of the European music sector and its contribution to economic and social development, as well as to sustainability. Promote standardised data collection about the music (sub-)sector(s) to measure the contribution of the EU music sector to the whole economy, the number of employed in the EU music sector, and music consumption on live, broadcast and digital platforms.
*Increase the transparency of the music industry, in particular the online/streaming business, through better data provision. Provide an estimation of the impact of music participation to the society.
*Provide policymakers with effective tools for measuring and enhancing the impact of EU policy making, in the context of Music Moves Europe and beyond, on the music sector.

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cfp: The Chiptune Studies Reader

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Call for chapters: The Chiptune Studies Reader

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to announce that we are seeking contributions for The Chiptune Studies Reader, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed and edited volume on chiptune – or ‘chipmusic’ and ‘micromusic’ as it is also known – which we intend to publish through Oxford University Press. Rooted in the emergence of video game audio technology, and subsequently re-routed through the subversive musicality of an underground participatory culture, chiptune is a form of electronic music that has blossomed into a global phenomenon over the course of nearly four decades. Today, the umbrella term ‘chiptune’ subsumes an ever-growing plethora of (sub)genres, practices, and a heterogeneous worldwide following, whose musical output is as creatively playful and diverse as it is distinct by way of its mediation. Chiptune’s technologies, timbral palettes, and associated iconography have grown rapidly in their accessibility, playability, and ubiquity, and have become woven into pop-cultural imaginaries far beyond their own humble beginnings in the music of video games’ past.                           

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cfp: Progressive Rock, Metal, and the Literary Imagination

CFP—now open

Available here:

Progressive Rock, Metal, and the Literary Imagination

Chris Anderton and Lori Burns, editors

Progressive Rock, Metal, and the Literary Imagination will present analyses of progressive rock and metal music that reveals a striking engagement with literary texts and themes – from classic literature, mythology and poetry to science fiction, horror, and other genres. While many of the extant publications on progressive rock and metal have focused on the history of progressive rock, few have examined the ways that it intersects with the literary imagination, whether drawing on myths, legends, and stories as source material, or using storytelling modes to create new stories and worlds. Progressive rock musicians have often created concept albums based around these source materials and worlds, and they offer more than simply fantasy and escapism, with narratives and themes that comment on the social, cultural, and political milieux in which they are made.

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IASPM D-A-CH Annual International Newsletter

+++German version below+++

Dear IASPMites,

The members of D-A-CH’s executive committee and advisory board are most

delighted to announce the publication of our annual International

Newsletter 2020(+). Like every year, the newsletter reports on recent

D-A-CH-events and provides you with an overview of ongoing projects as

well as upcoming events regarding popular music studies from the German

speaking regions.

You can find the newsletter on our website:

Best wishes,

Steffen Just – General Secretary of IASPM D-A-CH


Liebe D-A-CH-Mitglieder,

Vorstand und Beirat von D-A-CH möchten Sie und euch auf unseren frisch

erschienenen International Newsletter 2020(+) aufmerksam machen. Darin

finden Sie/ findet ihr, wie gewohnt, Berichte über Ereignisse der

jüngeren Vergangenheit, inklusive Ausblicke auf sich bereits anbahnende

Projekte und Events der nahen Zukunft im Kontext von D-A-CH und beyond.

Der Newsletter kann auf unserer Website eingesehen werden. Für die

Nostalgiker*innen unter Ihnen/euch gibt’s hier auch alle anderen

Jahrgänge noch einmal zum angucken:

Schöne Grüße,

Steffen Just – Generalsekretär von IASPM D-A-CH

You may leave the IASPM mailing list at any time by sending a blank email to: