Transnational Connections: Musical Dialogues Between Global Peripheries

Call for papers
Transnational Connections: Musical Dialogues Between Global Peripheries
International Summer Workshop
School of Arts, University of Haifa
3-4 July 2017

The Forum for Contemporary Ethnomusicology is pleased to announce our second international summer workshop, in conjunction with the Music Department, School of Arts, University of Haifa. The theme of the workshop will be “Transnational connections: musical dialogues between global peripheries”. While transnational frameworks often highlight exchanges along axes of center-periphery, global North-global South etc, we would like to illuminate musical dialogues that operate between peripheries. How might such thinking might contribute to novel understanding of musical activity in multiple localities? What are the methodological challenges that transnational fieldwork poses to ethnomusicologists? How do processes such as musicians’ translocation and music circulation that crisscross national and cultural boundaries change over historical periods? Continue reading

New Perspectives on Elvis

Call for papers
New Perspectives on Elvis: A One-Day International Conference
Memphis Public Library
21 August 2017

16 August 2017 will be the fortieth anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, one of the most popular and controversial music makers of the twentieth century. ‘New Perspectives on Elvis’ is a day-long international event held at the Memphis Public Library. The aim is to offer fresh perspectives on the Memphis icon, not only grounding him in the context of his place and time, but also interpreting him in relation to developments both inside and outside the academy. Paper proposals are invited on a range of topics. As well as class, race and gender, these could include but are not limited to: Continue reading

Subcultures Between History and Mythmaking

Call for chapters
Subcultures Between History and Mythmaking
Researching the Cultural Memory of Youth Subcultures, 1955–present

1. History, Mythmaking and the Cultural Memory of Youth Subcultures
During the twentieth century, various political, musical and other youth subcultures have emerged worldwide and evolved into globally marketed mainstream phenomena. Subsequently, research on subcultural movements has flourished. However, as spectacular as subcultural histories often are, myth and reality tend to become inextricably linked in retrospectives, both in popular media such as newspapers, photobooks, memoires, as well as in academic research. Even more so, researchers have often contributed to the mythical histories of subcultures, rather than critically engaging with them. Continue reading

When the Music Takes Over: Musical Numbers in Film and Television

Call for papers
8-10 March 2018
University of Salzburg, Austria
Proposal Deadline: 30 April 2017

Keynote Speakers:
Amy Herzog (Queens College, New York)
Richard Dyer (King’s College, London)

Musical numbers have served as constitutive elements of cinema since its early days in the so-called silent period. From the musical moments in silent films emerged the film musical as a specific genre. Musical numbers remain central components beyond generic categories and have succeeded from early sound film musicals to recent TV shows. Continue reading

4th Nordoff Robbins Plus Research Conference

Exploring the Spiritual in Music: Interdisciplinary Dialogues in Music, Wellbeing and Education
4th Nordoff Robbins Plus Research Conference
4th International Spirituality and Music Education (SAME) Conference
9-10 December 2017, London, UK

Conference venue:
Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre
2 Lissenden Gardens, London NW5 1PQ

For information regarding registration and abstract submission guidelines, see:

This joint conference is a collaboration between Nordoff Robbins and Spirituality and Music Education (SAME). Continue reading