CFP IASPM Journal Special Issue: Pop Music Festivals and (Cultural) Policies

Call for papers: Special Issue: Pop music festivals and (cultural) policies
Guest editors: Beate Flath, Martin Cloonan and Adam Behr
Deadline for submitting abstracts: 31 August 2018
Deadline for submitting full papers: 14 January 2019

The full CFP can also be found on our website:

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CFP: Music and Social Movements symposium

CFP: Music and Social Movements symposium, Northumbria University, November 30, 2018

This symposium, funded by the US Embassy and Northumbria University, will bring together academic historians, graduate students, and secondary school teachers to examine the role that music played in oppositional social movements that were active in the post-World War II period in the United States. This includes (but is not limited to) religious movements, the gay rights movement, labor organizations, and the African-American and Latino activist communities.

The event aims to share scholarship and pedagogy with the wider teaching and learning community and hopes to foster lasting connections between its participants. In particular, the symposium hopes to promote the work of graduate students and early career academics. It will facilitate this through bursaries to cover travel and accommodation. The day will include a series of academic papers and a ‘Teaching History with Music’ roundtable. Please send 250-word abstracts to Joe Street ( before September 28, 2018 and please indicate whether you seek a travel bursary. Please note that postgraduate students will be prioritized for receipt of these funds. Registration for the symposium is free – and will include lunch and refreshments – but numbers are limited so please move quickly to reserve your place at

Call for chapters: Living Metal

Call for Chapter Proposals: Living Metal: Metal Scenes around the World”

Metal music has been around since Black Sabbath hit the first chord on its song “Black Sabbath.” Since that time Metal scenes are constantly being created, developed, stagnating, and growing all over the world—anywhere where Metal is played and cared about. Today, that means in just about every country on earth. This book, Living Metal: Metal Scenes around the World, is being published by Intellect Press. We are looking for researchers who will be examining Metal scenes in various parts of the world. We want to look at out of the way places and cultures just as much as well known places around the world. We currently have chapters being written about Johannesburg, South Africa; Dayton, Ohio; Hull, UK, and Helsinki, Finland. If possible, we want to learn about Metal Scenes in 6 of the 7 continents (we don’t believe that there is a scene in Antarctica, but please prove us wrong!).

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cfp extended: IASPM ANZ 2018 Annual Conference Hamilton NZ, Dec 3-5

CFP: IASPM ANZ 2018 Annual Conference Hamilton NZ, Dec 3-5

EXTENDED DEADLINE – The deadline to submit abstracts to the IASMP-ANZ conference, “Playing Along: Music, Participation and Everyday Life,” to take place 3-5 December, 2018 at the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), Hamilton, NZ, has been extended. The new deadline is 1st July 2018. Please send submissions to

“Playing Along”: Music, Participation, and Everyday Life

Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec)

Hamilton, Aotearoa/New Zealand

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cfp: The Present and Future of Electronic Music

Call for Papers

The Present and Future of Electronic Music

University of Central Lancashire, 14 November 2018

Electronic music was once seen as the future of music. Is this still the case? Is the very term ‘electronic music’ useful in industrial and academic context? And if so, what differentiates today’s electronic music from non-electronic music and are these differences between these two types of musics likely to remain in future?

The Present and Future of Electronic Music seeks to answer some of these questions or at least help to clarify their meanings. We hope to bring together insights and ideas from a range of disciplines in music studies, including musicology, composition, performance, cultural theory, computing and philosophy, as well as industry, to examine the evolving field of electronic music.

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cfp: Topographies of Sound

Call for Papers: Topographies of Sound
Muscle Shoals, Alabama, November 12-13, 2018
Muscle Shoals Sound Studio & Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa

This two-day symposium in Muscle Shoals, Alabama welcomes papers on the significance of landscape and geographical location for a range of American musical forms and their sonic architecture. In The United States alone, instances of this interrelation are legion, signaled for instance in genre monikers such as “Memphis Soul,” “Appalachian Folk,” “The Bakersfield Sound,” “The Paisley Underground,” and “Southern Rock.” Many are also the place names that immediately suggest the flavor of a particular sound: Laurel Canyon, Seattle, Woodstock, Harvard Square, and Music Row, to name just a few. On a more general level, entire regions have been invoked to describe the sonic texture of genres such as “desert rock” or “delta blues.”

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