WANTED: Musicologists / Music Historians

Call for researchers from a Berlin record label:

“WANTED: Musicologists / Music Historians
Location: Global
Focus: feminist music 1900-2000, primarily within the context of all genres
of ‘popular music’ with lyrics.
We are a Berlin-based record label putting together an international team
for a very unique project: a compilation and global research project
documenting feminist music from around the world over the last century.

This will take the final form of a book with informal essays and
illustrations boxed together with a set of 4 vinyl records. We believe that
in the current political and social climate such a project is going to be a
very relevant and incredibly interesting thing to do!
We are seeking musicologists and historians (or simply experts in the
field) to assist us with compiling a total of 40-50 representative songs in
all popular genres (music with lyrics) and languages. We hope to put
together a team of experts from the following regions who would research
and propose 5-10 suitable songs each:
● Europe
● Central & South America
● USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand
● Central Asia (eg. Russia, the Baltic states & the “Stans”)
● Northern & Western Africa
● Southern, Central & Eastern Africa
● the Middle East
● East Asia (eg. China, Mongolia, Japan)
● India & South-East Asia
What we’ll need is background information on the historical context, the
musicians / songwriters and content for each song. If the song is in
another language, you would be responsible for sourcing translations. If a
song is very old, and no usable recording exists, we may also need you to
advise us on appropriate instrumentation, arrangement and performance style
as we produce a new recording.
Please also inform us if you are an experienced writer, or if your skills
are more in the research arena. This position is also open to journalists
with relevant knowledge.
We are currently sourcing financing for the project, so there will be a
budget to fund the work. Due to the unique nature of the project,
remuneration will be negotiable.
Please contact jobs@zellephan.com with your application.”

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