cfp: Sound, Silence, Image and Technology

Call for Papers

We are proud to announce the 3nd International Conference on Sound, Silence, Image and Technology, to be held in Mataró (Barcelona) the next 3,4,5 of july 2019.
In collaboration with “La Creación musical en la Banda Sonora” (Musical Creation in the Soundtrack) the call has the aim to reflect about the role of music and sound in the audiovisual media. With an open and markedly multidisciplinary approach, the philosophy of this meeting is to encourage the confluence of points of view of theoretical paradigms and analytical models.

Conference topics are addressed (but not limited) to the following:
• Sound, music and cinema.
• The role of sound and music in advertising.
• Sound dimensions in video games.
• Semiotics and analysis of sound and music in audiovisual media.
• Relations between sound structure and narrative structure.
• New ways of listening.
• Music consumption and reception.
• Transmedia sounds.
• Musical production as a creative tool.

Abstracts submission

Abstracts should include a title (and subtitle if required), the author’s name, academic or professional affiliation, four key words and a brief curriculum vitae (5-10 lines). The abstracts should not exceed the 300 words and the language can be English, Catalan or Spanish. Deadline is 15 March 2019.
Proposals should be submitted in Word (.doc, .docx) format to:

For more info: