Call for Chapters: Perspectives on Music Production – Mastering in Music – Routledge

Call for Chapters

Perspectives on Music Production – Mastering in Music – Routledge
Extended Deadline for proposals: 5th January 2019

In the spirit of the Perspectives On Music Production series, Mastering in Music follows on from Mixing Music (2017), Producing Music (early 2019) and several monographs in the field – to be announced.

Mastering in Music contains several chapters presented at the Audio Engineering Society UK’s Mastering Conference held in London in September 2018. In addition to this we’re disseminating this call for contributions and welcome abstracts on topics relating to audio mastering: the scope is detailed below:
• Mastering history and formats
• Similarly, the future of mastering & formats
• Loudness standards, attitudes and tastes – now and through the decades
• Mastering business, standards, developments and considerations
• The role of the mastering engineer in the production process
• Equipment design and application
• Acoustics, studio building and interpretation for clients
• Mastering for new delivery mechanisms including VR, object-based audio and surround sound in all forms
• Interpretation of the mix to the master and considerations
• Audio mastering processing and application
• High resolution mastering and consumerism
• Case studies
• Other topics in mastering would be considered

Abstracts of 300 words are requested to be emailed to by the 5th January 2019. Abstracts will be reviewed, submitted to Routledge *, and the authors known of the result in the latter weeks of January 2019. Final submission of chapters expected 10th January 2020.

* Subject to contract