cfp: Journal of Sound, Silence, Image and Technology

Journal of Sound, Silence, Image and Technology (JoSSIT)

Monograph: Music, Sound and Silence in Videogames

Issue editor: Lidia López Gómez

Number: 3 (December 2020)

Deadline for full articles: 1st October 2020

Issue date: 22nd December 2020

The scientific publication the Journal of Sound, Silence, Image and Technology (JoSSIT) grew out of the research group of the same name (SSIT), which is linked to the TecnoCampus university centres, affiliated with Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). The journal seeks to bring together academic debate and scientific research on the relationship between sound as a broad concept and an audiovisual context.

The relationship between sound and image is at the heart of the publication. As such, JoSSIT is concerned with sound, music and silence; their ontological properties and characteristics in relation to a communicative phenomenon and their technical, narrative, communicative and social interweaving in audiovisual products. For this third issue, articles concerning the relationship between music, sound and silence in videogames are welcome.

Studies on audiovisual media have been consolidating over the last two decades, and over that time they can be said to have earned their well-deserved place in the academic field of musicology. However, within audiovisual studies, videogames is one of the topics that are still overlooked, partly due to the methodological challenges and difficulties involved in their study. The third issue of the journal therefore results from the need to showcase and give recognition to sound and music in videogame studies.

Therefore, for this monograph issue we expect contributions based on the following themes, although alternative proposals are also welcome:

–    Theoretical reflections on music, sound and silence in videogames

–    Analytical proposals and methodologies

–    Case studies

–    Sound design in videogames

–    The Internet and new technologies

–    Didactic proposals concerning music and videogames

–    Transmedia sound

–    Sound narrativity in videogames

–    Adaptative audio

–    Original or pre-existing music in videogames

–    Videogames and sonic landscape

Articles accepted until 1st October 2020.

Articles and any concerns or questions should be sent to, or directly to the issue editor:

Author guidelines can be found here:

Contributors should provide their texts in Spanish, Catalan or English. Original texts not in English will be published in two languages: English and Catalan or English and Spanish.