Volume 22 of Ethnomusicology Review

Volume 22 of Ethnomusicology Reviewhttps://ethnomusicologyreview.ucla.edu/journal/volume/22-0


by the editors Samuel Lamontagne and Tyler Yamin

Invited Article:

-The Anthropocene and Music Studies

  by Jim Sykes

Peer-reviewed Articles:

-The (Musical) Performance at Stake: An Ethnomusicological Review

  by Anthony Gregoire

-The Role of Tone-colour in Japanese Shakuhachi Music

  by Nick Bellando and Bruno Deschenes

-The Forging of Musical Festivity in Baloch Muscat: From Arabian Sea Empire      to Gulf Transurbanism to the Pan-Tropical Imaginary

  by George Murer

We’d also like to remind you that the deadline for our Volume 23 is March 23.

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