[IASPM XXI 2022] E-NEWSLETTER NO. 13: Please check the important updates and information!

Dear IASPM XXI 2022 participants,

We hope you had a great week. Now we have only 7 days to go before the IASPM XXI 2022! Here are a few important updates and information about the IASPM XXI 2022 conference.

1.   Conference Program Update

– Now you can download the final version of conference program PDF file here:


  –  Also, you can find a searchable and interactive daily program on the conference website:


 2.   ​Virtual Conference Platform

– For virtual and hybrid mode of conference, we have set up an online platform based on Whova system. Here, you can see the agenda, view all sessions including keynote speeches and plenary sessions, join special events such as film screening and live concerts. Also, you can virtually connect and socialize with other attendees.

– Please sign in here. When signing in, you should use the e-mail address that you used for the conference registration. https://whova.io/email/click/0e5234f67454e812849a3efde98896b1/cc5f27be9fbd8adf62697ecdcd5cd9ed/

– Please check the e-mail from the IASPM XXI 2022 secretariat sent last Friday (June. 24) for details.

  3. Keynote Speech (3): Yoshitaka Mori – Re-Discovering East Asian Popular Music?: Japan, East Asia and America’s Cultural Hegemony

–  There will be three Keynote Sessions in the conference. This newsletter will walk you through each and every one of them.

– The third Keynote Speech will be given by Dr. Yoshitaka Mori from Tokyo University of Arts (Japan) with a discussant Dr. Jian Xiao from Zhejiang University (China) on July 8th (Fri.), 09:00 am -10:30 am KST.

– This session focuses on the history of East Asian popular music scene. Thanks to the global success of K-Pop and the rediscovery of City Pop, East Asian popular music is now being recognized more than ever by non-East Asian audience, especially from the West. In this context, Dr. Mori critically re-examines the history of Japanese popular music from the transnational and global perspective. He discusses some East Asian musicians successful in Japan in the 1970s and 1980s along with the US influence on Japanese popular music during the post-war period. Through this presentation, he tries to demonstrate an alternative understanding of Japanese popular music – US and East Asian musical influences closely intertwined on Japanese popular music.

– Also, the discussant Dr. Jian Xiao the moderator and Dr. Hyojung Sun from Ulster University (UK), experts of Chinese and Korean popular music, can add some insights about the past, present, future of East Asian popular music to this session.

– Full abstract and bio is available here: http://iaspm2022.org/index.php?gt=pro/pro01#spk2

4. Special Plenary Session on the Korean Music Industry

– A special plenary session titled “Imagining the Post-Pandemic Music Industry” will be held on July 9th (Sat.), 11:00-13:00 KST. This session will discuss the ongoing shift and the future of Korean music industry based on experiences, conflicts, and controversies that the industry has met during the pandemic era.

– Three presenters will give their presentations in the session – Bernie Cho (President of DFSB Kollective), Dr. Youngdae Kim (Music critic/ethnomusicologist), and Victor M.K. Kye (Director of Jarasum Jazz Festival). While two of industry insiders will share their experiences in the music industry on site, Dr. Kim will show some critical thoughts about the Korean music industry and the global audience.

– Full abstract and bio is available here: http://iaspm2022.org/index.php?gt=pro/pro04

5.  Day Rate Registration

– I believe all of you receiving this newsletter have already registered the conference. However, there will still be your colleagues and friends who have interests in our conference though have not yet registered because they don’t give a presentation. For them, you can recommend the Day Rate registration.

– First, they should sign up the conference homepage, then can do the online registration for the Day Rate only by paying 70,000 KRW. Then they can enjoy important keynote sessions, plenary sessions, other panel sessions or special events that they would like to enjoy on a specific day that they choose. Please do not hesitate to introduce the Day Rate registration and invite your friends and colleagues to your presentation!

– Day Rate registration is available here: http://iaspm2022.org/index.php?gt=regi/regi02

Also, you can find the detailed daily program schedules here: http://iaspm2022.org/index.php?gt=pro/pro03

6. Other special events

– In previous newsletters we introduced special events of the conference. You can find the details about those events on the conference website. Please don’t forget that live concert streaming and film screening will be live-streamed only and will not be available after they end due to copyright issues.

– Live concert streaming starring LEE Jung-sun band & Cosmic Abalone: July 6 (Wed.), 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm KST. Detailed information is here: http://iaspm2022.org/index.php?gt=event/event01

– Film Screening Eight Colors of Korean Musical Films: From July 5 (Tue.) to July 8 (Fri.). Timetable and other details are here: http://iaspm2022.org/index.php?gt=event/event02

– Excursion for in-person participants: July 9 (Sat.), 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm KST. The fee and other details are here:


7.  Mask-Wear Regulation in South Korea

– You should always wear a mask indoors including the public transportation (bus, metro, etc.). Also, you may have to wear it even outdoors (1) where a 2-meter distance between people cannot be maintained particularly in settings with large crowds such as rallies, concerts, or events; or (2) to use outdoor public-use facilities or attend events with more than 50 people (KRW 100,000 fine for non-compliance).

– Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should always carry a mask while you are in South Korea because wearing a mask and taking off a mask are intertwined in everyday life.

If you have any queries, please contact IASPM XXI 2022 Secretariat at iaspm2021@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards,

Keewoong Lee

Hyunjoon Shin IASPM XXI 2022 Local Organizing Committee