IASPM Research Seminar April 2021

Dear Colleagues,

The April 2021 Research Seminar will be arranged by IASPM’s Latin American Branch. You can get your free tickets here.


22th April 2021, Thursday

15:00 – Sao Paolo, Brazil / Chile

The event will be on Zoom, online, and can also be watched on IASPM’s YouTube page, streamed live. On this page you can also watch videos of previous seminars. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCii1IhY4vnGskTwf3GUyhjQ

It will feature leading Latin America popular music scholars discussing research in the region. I hope to see you there.

IASPM Research Seminar 2021

Roundtable: Popular Music Research in Latin America

22th April 2021, Thursday

15:00 – Sao Paolo, Brazil / Chile

19:00 – UK, BST

20:00 – Paris, CEST

From the ending of the last century until nowadays, popular music studies in Latin America became widespread across the subcontinent. This roundtable aims to discuss not only a brief historical background of these studies, but also the predominant topics and approaches that characterise them. The political framing of the continent and the permanent debate about global and local inequalities related to music practice is the starting point for most studies. Broadly speaking, most debates contribute to interpreting the role of music within and beyond the complexities of our societies.

With a predominantly interdisciplinary approach, mostly headed by musicology, literature, social sciences and communication departments, the range of these studies has increased year by year. The Latin America branch of IASPM functions as a hub of researchers from different countries, trying to overcome the language difficulties to disseminate Latin America contributions to the popular music studies field across the globe. The roundtable, hence, may be a good opportunity to get in touch with some of these challenging debates.


Martha Ulhôa (Brazil) – musicologist and former founder/vice-chair of IASPM-AL and chair of IASPM. Project in conclusion investigates musical entertainment practices (especially the waltz), in mid -19th century Imperial Rio de Janeiro.

Julio Mendívil (Peru) – ethnomusicologist, writer, charango player and former chair of IASPM-AL and IASPM. His research focus is the music from the Andes. He is currently researching on music and sexual violence in the Andean popular music.

Laura Jordán (Chile) – musicologist, professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, and president of the Chilean Society of Musicology. Her current research focuses on vocality in independent popular music in Chile.

Felipe Trotta (Brazil, moderator) – musicologist and current chair of IASPM-AL, he studies (popular) music and sound in interhuman and social communication within cities. He is the author of the book “Annoying Music in Everyday Life” (Bloomsbury), released in 2020.