IASPM Kassel (2017) proceedings

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to inform you that the proceedings of the IASPM conference held in Kassel in 2017 is finally published by Springer. You may order e-book and/or softcover copy of “Contemporary Popular Music Studies” via this link: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783658252526. Please find here short description and table of contents:

This is the second volume in the series that documents the 19th edition of the biennial conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music. The volume contains contributions on the variety of musical genres from all over the world. Authors engage with the role of popular music in contemporary music education, as well as definitions and conceptualizations of the notion of ‘popular’ in different contexts. Other issues discussed in this volume include methodologies, the structure and interpretations of popular music scenes, genres and repertoires, approaches to education in this area, popular music studies outside the Anglophone world, as well as examinations of discursive and technological aspects of numerous popular music phenomena.

Marija Dumnić Vilotijević, Ivana Medić
Defining popular music: Towards a “historical melodics”
Sergio Mazzanti

Popular music studies in Kassel and the Germanies – looking back, looking ahead
Jan Hemming

Urban folk music and cultural influences: Labels for narodna muzika (folk music) in Serbia in the twentieth century
Marija Dumnić Vilotijević

Popular song and literary scholarship: Interactions between criticism and artistic creation
Cláudia Neiva de Matos

Women who rock: The memoir project
Donna S. Parsons

Group listening, a typical practice of popular music applied to musician training
Elina Goldsack

Curricular orientations of secondary school specializing in music in Argentina: Input for inserting popular music into educational institutions
María Inés López

Studying listening to recorded popular music: A methodological overview and some suggestions for future research
Marta García Quiñones

Pathways of pop: Arts and education policy, studieförbund and genre hierarchies
Daniel Fredriksson

Golfos, punkis, alternativos, indignados: Subterranean traditions of youth in Spain, 1960 ̶ 2015
Paula Guerra, Carles Feixa

Heart of glass: Gender and domination in the early days of punk in Portugal
Paula Guerra, Ana Oliveira

One struggle, one fight, all day, all night: Punk cartographies in the subway of São Paulo and Lisbon
Débora Gomes dos Santos, Ana Oliveira, Paula Guerra

On analyzing EDM DJ sets: Problems and perspectives for a sociology of sound
José Gálvez

An ethnographic investigation into the culture and people of the UK Free Party (illegal rave) scene in the twenty first century
Marianne L. Keeler

Collaboration in semi-professional music groups
Tobias Marx

Samba batucada: Flexibility and integration
Francisco Assis Santana Mestrinel

“Sing to the Lord a new song”: The interaction of religion and popular music in the case of Posaunenchor in the protestant church in Germany
Ryoto Akiyama

Musical formation of popular singers in Brazil: A case study with singers who sing in pairs música sertaneja – Brazilian country music
Jaqueline Soares Marques, Jusamara Souza

Rock music videos in Serbia since the 1990s: The curious case of Jarboli
Ivana Medić

Queen Katy Patra represents ancient Egypt in pop music
Yvonne Vosmann

Analysing the voice in popular music with categories of “voice”
Fernand Hörner

Researching popular music through transmedia festivals
Bianca Ludewig

The underground, dispossession and positionality in Greek experimental music
Danae Stefanou

Just for the fun of it? Contemporary strategies for making, distributing and gifting music
Chris Anderton

Towards posthegemonic popular music studies
Artur Szarecki

“Party music”, expression of identities, aesthetics and power in the African diaspora
Frank Marcon

We use this opportunity to thank the authors for inspiring papers and collaboration!

Kind regards,
Dr. Marija Dumnić Vilotijević
Dr. Ivana Medić