IASPM Journal Vol 11, No 2 (2021)

Special Issue: Popular Music, Decolonization and Indigenious Studies


Editor: Mary Fogarty
Guest Editors: Daniel Hernandez and Kirsten Zemke
Assistant Editor: Raquel Campos Valverde

This Special Issue of IASPM Journal aims to contribute to an ongoing process of decolonization through the lens and practices of popular music by highlighting Indigenous academics, theorists and musical explorations. The issue contains six articles and five book reviews. Liz Przybylski explores “Indigenous survivance” through what she calls “sonic sovereignty” which is the ability to frame how one is heard. Jon Bullock engages with Indigeneity discourse itself, offering a study on the early history of Kurdish Radio Baghdad. Israel Holas Allimant and Sergio Holas look at a 1970’s Chilean Psychedelic Rock band Los Jaivas, showing how their incorporation of Indigenous ways of being decolonize mainstream conceptions of the Chilean subject (as Andean, not dis-placed European). Ryan Shuvera offers an account of Inuk popular music artist and throat singer, Tanya Tagaq, looking in particular at the artist’s 2016 cover of Nirvana’s “Rape Me.” Ann Werner discusses the 2019 pop/hip hop album of one of the most well-known Sámi artists in Sweden, Maxida Märak, through an Indigenous feminist lens. Ismael de Oliveira Gerolamo’s article, in the Open Section of the Issue, analyzes the third album of the Brazilian singer Nara Leão. Nico Thom reviews a book on Eastern European popular music. Marie Thompson reviews Dylan Robinson’s Hungry Listening. Michael Ahlers reviews a field guide to understanding records. Benjamin Burkhart’s review covers rap music’s flow and rhythm. Sergio Pisfil reviews Carlos Torres Rotondo’s Demoler: El Rock en el Perú 1965-1975 about the Peruvian rock scene.

Dr. Mary Fogarty

Guest Editors
Dr. Daniel Hernandez
Dr. Kirsten Zemke

Assistant Editor
Dr. Raquel Campos Valverde

Additional Editors
Dr. Christina Ballico
Dr. Nick Braae
Dr. Raquel Campos Valverde
Dr. Helen Davies
Dr. Richard Elliott
Dr. Mary Fogarty
Dr. Laura Jordán González
Dr. Jon Stewart
Dr. Gayle Wald

Translations Editor
Dr. Laura Jordán González

Reviews Editor
Dr. Richard Osborne

Layout Editor
Dr. Raquel Campos Valverde

Table of Contents


Special Issue: Popular Music, Decolonization, and Indigenous Studies Kirsten Zemke, Arcia Tecun

Articles – Special Issue

Indigenizing the Mainstream: Music Festivals and Indigenous Popular Music Liz Przybylski
Decolonizing the Boundaries: Indigenous Musical Discourse in the History of Kurdish Radio Baghdad Jon Bullock
Los Jaivas: Toward a Decolonial Attitude in Chilean Psychedelic Rock Israel Holas Allimant, Sergio Holas
Tanya Tagaq Covers Nirvana: “Rape Me” and a History of Settler Colonial Violence Ryan Shuvera
Resistance in Maxida Märak’s album Utopi Ann Werner

Articles – Open Section

O Canto Livre de Nara Leão: Engajamento Artístico, Sonoridade e Gesto Vocal Ismael de Oliveira Gerolamo


REVIEW I Eastern European Popular Music in a Transnational Context Nico Thom
REVIEW I Hungry Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies Marie Thompson
REVIEW I Understanding Records. A Field Guide to Recording Practice. Michael Ahlers
REVIEW | Flow: The Rhythmic Voice in Rap Music Benjamin Burkhart
REVIEW I Demoler: El Rock en el Perú 1965-1975 Sergio Pisfil