COST Action: Cultural Victimology (incl. pop music)

Dear colleagues,

Together with a few colleagues at Tilburg University (The Netherlands) and beyond, I have drafted a COST Action proposal, which has recently be granted. COST Action is meant to build up and maintain a network of researchers, living and working in the EU, regarding a specific research area. The COST Action I’m part of is about Cultural Victimology.

One of the Working Groups in this COST Action concerns Victimology in Cultural Expressions. Victims and victimization are important themes in art. In film, literature and pop music, victims’ stories come to the fore. Or artists express their anger against the consequences of war and (sexual) violence. In the current phase of the COST Action we are working on the network. We are looking for researchers who work on ‘victim/victimization and (pop) music’. See for an overview of the COST Action this link:|Name:overview.

Are interested in becoming a member of the network, please contact me:

Kind regards,
Martin Hoondert.

Associate professor ‘Music, Religion & Ritual’
Programme Director of the Department of Culture Studies
Tilburg School of Humanities