cfp: VII International Congress: Music and Audio-Visual Culture – MUCA.


From 28-30 May 2020, the University of Murcia (Spain) will host the Seventh International Congress: Music and Audio-Visual Culture MUCA, to provide a forum to scientific exchange with participation of composers, visual artists and researchers from several national and international universities.

We welcome proposals for individual papers (in English or Spanish) in order to promote new perspectives and dialogue about the main topics. Proposals should include:

– Abstract (250-300 words)

– Institutional affiliation (if applicable), brief biography and email address.

– Audiovisual required.

Topics for the paper presentation (not exclusive):

– Music and film.

– Music and television.

– Music in advertising.

– Music and videogames.

– Music and the Internet.

– Prosumers and media.

– Musical analysis in audiovisual culture.

– Music and technology.

– Digitization, globalization and new ways of marketing.

– Teaching music in audiovisual culture.

After reviewed by the Scientific Committee, the main contributions will be published on a volume which will collect the event arising scientific production.

Deadline for accepting proposals: April 3, 2020.

Further information: