cfp: Musical Biopics and Musical Documentaries from the Scandinavian countries

Call for contributions to a Journal of Scandinavian Cinema In Focus section highlighting Musical Biopics and Musical Documentaries from the Scandinavian countries 

This is a call for short subject contributions (2000-3000 words) focusing on how Scandinavian film and television have presented musicians, singers, bands and orchestras in biopics and documentaries. We welcome submissions that – after a quick theoretical introduction and concise contextual background – offer discussions of topics such as: 

  • the film’s role within cultural memory – usually restricted to a single national market and often catering to a certain age group’s intragenerational memories 
  • the handling of generic conventions; from narration and characterization to the selection of music, casting choices and staging of performances  
  • the function of music in specific films and film genres 
  • marketing and authentification discourses, including media coverage of stars and their work with particular roles and performances, as well as screenwriters’ and directors’ use of biographies, interviews, original footage and recordings 
  • national and international reception of such films  

Please send contributions to Anders Marklund ( and Ewa Mazierska ( by 1 March 2021. Make sure that you follow the most recent Notes for contributors, available at Intellect’s journal pages:   

The publication of the In Focus section will coincide with the eighth Lübeck Film Studies Colloquium discussion of the topic and with screenings of select musical biopics and documentaries at Lübeck’s Nordic Film Days festival. These events are arranged in October/November 2021 – with more information available (in due course) online at