cfp: IASPM Journal, Special Edition on Aging, Time and Popular Music

Special Issue Editors: 
Abigail Gardner, Richard Elliott, Line Grenier

IASPM Journal is the peer-reviewed open-access e-journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM). As part of an international network, the journal aims to publish research and analysis in the field of popular music studies at both global and local levels.

This themed issue of IASPM Journal seeks to explore what aging might be/mean for popular music studies. Aging has not been addressed much across popular music studies, although significant contributions have emerged in relation to aging audiences (Bennett and Hodkinson 2012; Bennett 2013), nostalgia and revival (Driessen 2019), memory and music (Grenier and Valois-Nadeau 2020; Cohen, Grenier and Jennings 2022), the aging and ‘late’ voice (Elliott 2015, 2019), heritage culture (Roberts and Cohen 2014), and feminist interventions on representation across popular music (Gardner and Jennings 2020; Gardner 2020). We encourage contributions that speak to aging fans and fandoms, representation, performance and production from popular music studies, musicology, sociology, cultural studies, queer theory and, of course, from aging studies.

Proposals might include, but are not limited to:

•       Older music fans

•       Aging in the music industry/ies

•       Age and representation in popular musics

•       Contextualising age(ing) and popular music

•       Age, music, and nostalgia

•       Theorising aging in relation to temporality

•       Aging and genre

•       Aging, music, and gender(s)

•       Lateness / late style

•       Popular music and life-writing

 To be considered for this Special Issue, please submit the following by 31 May 2022:

•       an abstract of 150-250 words (plus references, if necessary)

•       author name(s)

•       institutional affiliations

•       contact details

•       a brief bio of no more than 150 words (which includes the author’s positionalities in relation to their topic)

Submissions should be entered via this online form:

If your abstract is accepted, we expect to receive the full article uploaded into the online submission by 31 January 2023. We will send further instructions and links to authors following acceptance of abstracts.

The issue will be published in autumn 2023.

See the journal site for further information regarding submissions. Please also refer to the IASPM Journal Style Guide.

NOTE: In order to submit to IASPM Journal you must be an IASPM member and registered as an author on the site.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the special issue editors at

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