1st CALL – III CIPS – Sounds of the end of the world

1st CALL

III International Conference on Sonorities Research (CIPS) –

Sounds of the end of the world

Dates: June 07, 2023 to June 09, 2023

Location: Fluminense Federal University – Niterói/RJ – Brazil

During the last decades, global changes that can be threats to human existence itself have emerged – threats caused by ourselves, as theories of the Anthropocene show. Climate change, pandemics, food shortage and wars are the result of brutal economic exploitation of the planet as well as struggles for the control of natural resources and the denial of the ongoing crisis of the planet.

The end of the world, of course, refers not just to nuclear or climate disasters, but also to the end of a worldview, models of knowledge or even cognitive, social or affective patterns. A new world emerges outlining its creative powers and its dystopias of control, automation and extraction of natural resources necessary for technological development.

How do sound and music cultures take part, articulate, face and/or politicize themselves in the face of late capitalism and the Anthropocene? What do certain sounds and certain songs teach us in the face of situations that don’t seem to have any other alternative but to accelerate? Which sounds need to be heard, which are being ignored and which denounce the urgency of the end of the world? Last, but not least, what does it mean to listen to the end of the world? In this sense, the III International Conference on Sonorities Research (CIPS) – Sounds of the End of the World seeks to highlight the different sonorous aspects of our relationship with the world and with the transformations through which it has passed.

The III CIPS welcomes proposals for academic presentations and artistic performances. Some of the perspectives, but not the only ones, that interest this conference are:

1. Sound ecologies: Anthropocene, creation and entropy

2. Sound identities: Post-coloniality; Decoloniality; afro-futurisms; Amerindian Perspectivism

3. Technologies and production models: the late capitalist’s sound project

4. Collective fear, emotions, media and music

5. Modes of listening, signs and sound affects in times of capitalist realism

6. Struggles, Resistances, Insurgencies: Sound, listening and survival in a world at risk

Submission of abstracts: until December 16, 2022

We will publish the 2nd call soon with guidelines and e-mail for submissions.