U2 Conference 2018

Call for papers
U2 Conference 2018
13-15 June 2018

The U2 Conference, in partnership with The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice, Queen’s University, and Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, will meet 13-15 June 2018 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for academic and general audience sessions on the theme U2: POPVision. The conference is open to all scholars, critics, teachers, students, composers, performers and fans, and invites all disciplinary interests to explore the music, work and influence of U2, giving particular attention to U2’s Pop era of 1997-98 from a perspective some 20 years on. All modes of presentation are welcomed, with a deadline for all proposals of 15 December 2017.

As a conference theme, U2: POPVision invites investigating, articulating and critiquing the guiding aesthetic, musical, political, theological, gendered, material and cultural visions specific to U2’s Pop era of 1997-98 for their efficacy then and now, as well as welcoming an examination of popular music’s power to cast visions that shape its own narrative and help construct and complicate larger cultural conversations, in which U2’s visions have long been engaged.

See the conference website for further details.