Travel grants to attend the Canberra conference – outcome

Dear IASPM members,

We would like to inform you of the outcome of the application process for travel grants to attend the XX IASPM Biennial Conference to be held in Canberra, 24-28th June 2019, which closed on 21st December 2018. We received 58 applications, which were then processed and ranked according to the criteria that we had announced.

As a result, IASPM will be awarding 19 grants for a total amount of 25,280 USD, and an average amount of 1,330 USD per grant. Successful applicants come from Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. They were notified on 21st January, while the rest of the applicants were contacted some days later. So far none of the successful candidates has rejected the grant, but if this happens, we will write to the following candidates on the list, according to their score.

We would also like to invite those of you who will be presenting at the conference to register as soon as possible, since the early bird registration fee will apply until 31st March:

All best,

Marta García Quiñones, Treasurer
Jacopo Conti, Membership Secretary
On behalf of IASPM Executive Committee

Original call:

Travel Grants to ‪the XX‬ Biennial IASPM Conference 
- Canberra, Australia, ‪24-28 June 2019‬
Deadline for submission: 21st December 2018.
Applications for travel grants for the 2019 IASPM Biennial Conference in Canberra are now open. The deadline for submission is 21st December 2018. Successful applicants will be notified by 21st January 2019.
If you are affiliated with an institution, you will be required to upload to the application form a letter from your institution stating either that you are not getting funded or that you are being partially funded. So please make sure that you have the letter with you (as a single .pdf file, max 10 MB) before starting the application process.

Grants will be awarded via bank transfer during and immediately after the conference. However, upon request only, unwaged grantees could receive up to 50% of their grants before the conference, if they present proof of purchase of their flight tickets ‪before 30th April 2019‬. Obviously, if they fail to attend the conference, for any reason, they will have to repay the money.
·         Membership up to date.
·         At least one year of seniority. In this case, being a member at least since 2018, as the conference will be held in 2019.
·         Proof of insufficient funding (see above).
·         Scale of distances: 1 to 3 points, depending on the distance between your country of residence (or country of departure, if different from your country of residence) and conference venue. Zones: 1 point for Australia & New Zealand, 2 points for the rest of Oceania and Asia, 3 points for the rest of the world.
·         IASPM responsibilities: 2 points for any institutional position/responsibility held in the past, either in a branch or on the international Executive Committee.  Noncumulative: just 2 points either for one or several experiences.
·         IASPM events: 1 point (cumulative) for every IASPM conference attended in the past, at a local or international level.
·         Having been awarded an IASPM travel grant at the previous conference (Kassel): minus 2 points, so that other people get the chance.
Applicants will be ranked on the basis of the scoring, and travel grants will be awarded according to this ranking.
Please complete the application form.
On behalf of the EC,