Number 16
TRANS – Revista Transcultural de Música (Transcultural Music Review)

Number 16 of TRANS – Revista Transcultural de Música (Transcultural Music Review) for 2012 is now available.

TRANS 16 includes eleven articles that, together, represent a variety of themes, approaches, and theoretical perspectives that comprise contemporary musical research: from the universe of music and cultural worlds of Argentine youth to the relationship between language and musical faculties, as well as the imbrications of music with plastic arts and performance. Moreover, the volume is completed with the regular section of reviews.

TRANS – Transcultural Music Review is the peer-reviewed journal of SIBE-Sociedad de Etnomusicología. It is an electronic, open-access journal that is published once a year. The journal web page has over 30,000 visits per month, and it is at the top of the Spanish ranking of scientific publications in music, being one of the most important ethno/musicological references in Latin America, Portugal and Spain.