The Languages of Popular Music

Call for papers
The Languages of Popular Music: Communicating Regional Musics in a Globalized World
29 September-2 October 2014
University of Osnabrueck, Germany

Arbeitskreis Studium Populärer Musik e.V. (ASPM) and the University of Osnabrueck are inviting scholars of all disciplines studying popular music to submit proposals for the international conference “The Languages of Popular Music: Communicating Regional Musics in a Globalized World”. The conference will take place at the Institute for Musicology and Music Education, University of Osnabrueck, Germany, from 29 September to 2 October 2014.

The conference will discuss the manifold interactions between different regional cultures as well as between the regional and the global in popular music.

We welcome contributions to the following four fields of research:

1. Communication theory and discourse analysis: How can we describe the world wide communication between popular music cultures theoretically?
2. Analysis of music, lyrics and performance: How do global and local principles work in popular music?
3. Sociology, economy, politics: Which social, economical and political consequences has the difference between the global and the regional in popular music?
4. Typically German: ASPM’s 2013 conference discussed what German scholars considered to be “typically German” in popular music. For our 2014 conference we would welcome papers by non-German scholars discussing the Germanness of German popular music from an outside perspective.

Proposals are invited for:
– Organised panels
– Round-table discussion sessions
– Individual papers

Proposals should be sent as attachments to Prof. Dr. Dietrich Helms, The submission deadline is 28 February 2014. See for further information; a conference website is coming soon (