Tango: Creation, Identification, Circulation

International conference
Paris, 27-28 octobre 2011
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)
Call for papers

This international conference held in Paris will gather together researchers from diverse disciplinary orientations (historical, sociological, anthropological, musicological) working on the tango and its various aspects (music, dance, poetry). This interdisciplinary conference, organized by the Center for Research in Arts and Language (CRAL, EHESS-CNRS) and affiliated with the ANR GLOBALMUS research program, takes place after UNESCO’s official recognition of the tango as international Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The conference will focus on three contemporary scientific themes concerning tango:

  • Creation: aesthetic trends of current tango; a history of creative initiatives; links with means of expression and techniques of the body; tensions between creation and tradition, invention and homogenization;
  • Identification: national identities; nomadism and diaspora; “black” origins of the tango and the question of metissage; political uses and claims of autonomy; questions of gender and sexuality;
  • Circulation: technological resources in the context of globalization; new means of broadcasting and their effects on the pedagogy and interpretation of tango; commercial strategies and alternative networks; the impact of naming tango as cultural heritage.

The languages of the conference will be French, English and Spanish.
All proposals (350 words max.) should also include your name, surname, phone number, email address and a brief presentation of the author. Please submit your proposal by email to: colloque@globalmus.net

Deadline for proposals: March 31, 2011

Scientific Committee: Christophe Apprill (Centre Norbert Elias), Carmen Bernand (Université Paris X), Denis Constant-Martin (Science Po Bordeaux), Didier Francfort (Université Nancy 2), Julien Mallet (IRD), Rafael Mandressi (CNRS-Centre Koyré), Emmanuelle Olivier (CNRS-CRAL), Michel Plisson (Paris IV).

Organized by Marina Cañardo (EHESS-UBA), Sophie Jacotot (Université Blaise Pascal – CRAL), Esteban Buch (EHESS-CRAL).

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