Survey About Audio Engineering/Music Production

Dear audio colleague,

We are inviting you to participate in an online survey that aims to capture important demographic information about the audio industry and recording producers/engineers’ experiences of discrimination in the studio. Our goal is to document experiences of discrimination within audio engineering and music production. The results from the study will be used for academic, educational and industry purposes. The survey would take about 20-30 minutes to complete (divided into two parts):

Your responses to this survey will remain anonymous. Individual responses will not be able to be traced back to individual respondents. The anonymous data will be accessible only by our research team, select AES members, and the survey administrators of the University of Lethbridge (Canada) who will all have signed a confidentiality agreement. There are minimal anticipated psychological and or emotional risks from taking part in this survey. You can stop answering questions at any time. You may withdraw your participation at any time by closing your browser. You are also free to answer or not answer any questions (other than the demographic data questions). Your data will be stored only once you submit your responses.

If you have questions about the study, you may contact or +1 (403) 332-5261. You may also contact the Office of Research Ethics at the University of Lethbridge at or +1 (403) 329-2747 if you have questions about your rights as a participant. This research has been reviewed for ethical
acceptability and approved by the University of Lethbridge Human Subject Research Committee.

Dr. Amandine Pras & Dr. Athena Elafros
Assistant Professors at the University of Lethbridge