Sound Moves

New journal issue
Wi: Journal of Mobile Media
Sound Moves: Intersections of Popular Music Studies, Mobility Studies and Soundscape Studies

The Mobile Media Lab, Communication Studies, is pleased to announce the publication of Sound Moves: Intersections of popular music studies, mobility studies and soundscape studies, the latest issue of Wi: Journal of Mobile Media.


Edited by Owen Chapman

Sound is motion. As vibration, sound travels through air, water, solid materials, as an affective transfer of energy from molecule to molecule–a moving flow. But let us not prioritize an acoustic or physicalist framework, as though ‘vibration’ were somehow the truest description of sound in its essence. Sounds travel through networks, memories, between people and places, from performers to audiences, through time as much as space, both live and as sonic potential stored in mechanical and electronic recordings, digital files and musical instruments. Sound is constantly on the move, at the same time as it resounds in the singular sonorous moments in which it is heard.

Comprised of papers from the 2011 International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) Conference on Music and Environment, Sound Moves includes a stellar line-up of local, national and international contributions.