Rosalind Franklin Fellowship

Rosalind Franklin Fellowship
Theatre Studies or Music Studies
University of Groningen, the Netherlands‏

We would like to draw your attention to the Rosalind Franklin Fellowships, a special tenure track programme for talented women scholars at the University of Groningen. The Department of Arts, Culture and Media is currently seeking a specialist either in Theatre Studies, preferably in combination with new media, or in Music Studies (popular music, ethnomusicology). These Fellowships offer short-term tenure track positions with limited teaching assignments.

The deadline for applications is 1 December, so very soon. The department offers a dynamic inter-arts setting, bringing together scholars working with various kinds of approaches to the role of arts in society, hermeneutics, institutional sociology, philosophy of the arts, cognitive sciences, and arts management and policy.

Information about the tenure track
Information about the Department of Arts, Culture, and Media
Information about the expertise center

For any further information please contact Barend van Heusden (, Kristin McGee – Music Professor (, Pascal Gielen (, Stijn Bussels ( or Liesbeth Korthals Altes (e.j.korthals.altes).