Popular Music Studies in the Twenty-First Century

New journal issue
IASPM@Journal Special Issue
Popular Music Studies in the Twenty-First Century

IASPM@Journal is pleased to announce the publication of another special issue, Vol 3, No 2, 2013: Popular Music Studies in the Twenty-First Century

Special Issue Editor: Dr. Rupert Till

Supporting Editorial Team:
Dr. Hillegonda C. Rietveld (Editor)
Dr. William Echard
Dr. Carlo Nardi
Dr. Ed Montano
Dr. Geoff Stahl

Reviews Editor: Dr. Penny Spirou

Assistant Editors: Dr. Elina T. Hytönen-Ng and Kwok Ng

Featuring responses to Philip Tagg’s paper in Volume 2.

Special Issue Editor Rupert Till explores future directions for IASPM
Eliot Bates asks where has all the ethnography gone
Mark Pedelty discusses ecomusicology
Dan Bendrups covers PMS in a land down under
Martin Cloonan and Lauren Hulstedt look at UK PMS
Sheila Whiteley addresses gender and sexuality
Anahid Kassabian challenges PMS to be diverse and explores ubiquity
Bruce Johnson gets under the skin of corporeality and the vernacular

Plus nine book reviews (including Tagg’s Everyday Tonality)

IASPM@Journal is the journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music.