Call for articles
MUSICultures: Atlantic Roots and Routes
Deadline: 15 December 2012

MUSICultures solicits articles for publication in a special issue on Atlantic Roots and Routes, guest edited by Drs. Kati Szego (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Frances Wilkins (University of Aberdeen), and Heather Sparling (Cape Breton University).

For centuries, the Atlantic Ocean served as a major route that linked Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. The intense movement of peoples and cultural practices within a framework of asymmetrical power relations constitutes a legacy that has continued to shape areas linked by the Atlantic. We invite articles that address the ways that political processes and cultural flows have shaped music and dance in the cultural spaces connected by Atlantic routes past and present. Taking into account the processes of globalization, how do historical and current circuits of exchange contribute to the reformulation and resignification of expressive practices and to the configuration of new cultural spaces? What are the distinctions between the political and cultural processes involving the northern and southern Atlantic? How can a critical perspective on the Atlantic contribute with new theoretical insights in ethnomusicology and a new understanding of the Atlantic as a crossroads?

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MUSICultures publishes original articles in English and French on a wide range of topics in ethnomusicology, traditional music research, and popular music studies. MUSICultures welcomes articles on music in Canadian contexts as well as scholarship on any relevant issues in relation to any music practices in the world or to global processes. The Journal also publishes reviews of books, and sound and visual recordings.

Articles are normally in the range of 6,000-7,000 words. The next deadline for complete manuscripts is 15 December 2012. Submit manuscripts or questions to:

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