Music for Girls, Sussex-Leeds Collab, 18th May, 2:30-5pm UK time

‘Music for Girls: Women’s Knowledge Cultures of Popular Music’, is an AHRC Network formed to explore alternative ways of ‘knowing’ about popular music and focused especially on the experiences of women and girls.

A ‘Music for Girls’ online symposium will take place Wednesday18th May from 1430-1700 UK time. Hosted online by Leeds, the symposium will bring together network members and other attendees to generate questions and themes to be more fully explored at a conference in 2023 and in a special issue for Popular Music and Society. For the online symposium, Prof. Lucy Robinson (Sussex), Dr Lisa Amanda Palmer (De Montfort), Dr Richard Elliott (Newcastle) and Prof. David Hesmondhalgh (Leeds) will discuss previous and current research relating to gender and popular music knowledge. Talks will be 15 minutes each, and will be followed by an open session, during which attendees can ask questions, but also share their own interests, highlight works in progress, and make connections with other researchers. The symposium is an opportunity for us to bring this network to life.

I hope you can join us, and would be grateful if you could share details of the event with colleagues and students who you think would be interested. Here’s a link to info, including the event Zoom link: 

And here’s the full Zoom info to add to your diary:

Topic: Music for Girls Online Symposium

Time: May 18, 2022 02:30 PM London

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