Music and Racism in Europe 20.-22.10.2021

Music and Racism in Europe

Online Symposium, 20—22 October 2021

Registration for the Music and Racism in Europe online symposium has been extended to October 10. For more info visit:

We are also happy to announce the full line-up of our music industries panel, which is organized as part of the symposium:

Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité, Musician, Sweden
Renaz Ehbrahimi, Journalist, Finland
Lena Midtveit, CEO, Sony Music Norway
Moderator: Anthony Kwame Harrison, Professor, Virginia Tech

Keynote speakers:

Kira Thurman, University of Michigan
Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta, University of Birmingham

For more info about the panel and keynote speakers:

Full programme:

The symposium is organised by Research Association Suoni and the Kone Foundation funded research project ”Music researchers in society: Advancing social justice through activist music research” in collaboration with University of Helsinki (Musicology), CEMFOR — Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism at Uppsala University, IASPM-Norden (International Association for the Study of Popular Music and Music Finland.

Symposium conveners: Kim Ramstedt (Suoni) and Jasmine Kelekay (CEMFOR)

Contact: kim.ramstedt[at] /