[IASPM XXI 2022] Deadline extended for financial support application

For those in need of financial support, IASPM offers bursary for eligible participants. Previously the arrangement was to compensate for travel costs. Due to the current pandemic situation, however, the bursary will be repurposed to compensate for the registration fee. The deadline for the financial support application has been extended to 21 April 2022. Please see below for more information.

If you need further information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us <iaspm2021@gmail.com>.

Kind regards,

Keewoong Lee (co-chair)                   Hyunjoon Shin (co-chair)

IASPM XXI 2022 Local Organising Committee


Message from IASPM:

Dear IASPM members,

As is IASPM’s usual practice, the IASPM Executive Committee are offering funding to help support those who cannot afford it to attend the IASPM conference in South Korea. We will pay the applicants registration fee if you are successful. You have to have been an IASPM member for at least a year, and to have a paper accepted to present at the conference. These grants are aimed at those who have financial reasons for not attending, this may be personal finances, to do with the financial situation in your home country, a PhD student with no grant support, or an unwaged member, or one who is retired. We have a scoring system that will hopefully aim the grants at appropriate IASPM members.

Registration Fee Grants to the XXI Biennial IASPM Conference (online) –  Daegu, South Korea, 5-9 July 2022

Deadline for submission: 24th March 2022 à EXTENDED to 21 April 2022.
Applications for registration fee grants (equiv. 200€) for an online participation at the 2022 IASPM Biennial Conference in Daegu are now open. The deadline for submission is 21st April 2022. Successful applicants will be notified soon after the deadline.
Grants will be awarded via bank transfer directly to the local conference organizers. Therefore, no money will be sent to successful applicants.

●  Membership up to date.

●  At least one year of previous membership. In this case, being a member at least since 2021, as the conference will be held in 2022.

●  Presentation proposal accepted for the conference.


●  IASPM events: 1 point (cumulative) for every IASPM conference attended in the past, at a local or international level. Max. 2 points.

●  IASPM responsibilities: 2 points for any institutional position/responsibility held in the past, either in a branch or on the international Executive Committee. Noncumulative: just 2 points either for one or several experiences.

●  1 point for postgraduate status

●  1 point for early career researcher status (5 years or less from PhD award)

●  Reason(s) for the application. Please leave a short comment why you require the grant. Max. 5 points.

 Applicants will be ranked on the basis of the scoring, and registration fee grants will be awarded according to this ranking. 

Please complete the application form:

On behalf of the EC,