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Call for articles
Popular Music Education

Popular music education is a subject that is at present under-explored, despite increasing numbers of popular music courses and other educational provision. More research is needed to map out the area and engage critically with the many new challenges it is presenting. IASPM@Journal, the journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, wishes to encourage further research and debate in this area, with a special issue on popular music education, for publication in 2015.

Drawing on the extensive contemporary and historical expertise of our crosscultural membership, we invite papers that can offer insights into the processes of teaching and learning popular music. The journal is looking for a range of international perspectives from the different continents and cultures that IASPM represents. We are particularly interested in how popular music is taught and learned inside formal educational contexts, although we also accept other complementary studies.

Themes related to popular music and education can include, but are not restricted to:

– Teaching popular music in higher education
– Popular music and learning
– Popular music within critical studies
– Individual or ensemble performance
– Popular music composition or songwriting
– Vocational studies
– Interactions between the music industry and education
– Teaching and learning music technology
– The use of music technology in education
– Pre-school, school or further education
– Listening
– Educational theory, sociology and psychology
– Gender, sexuality or identity politics
– Public policy and politics

Please send an email to r.till[at]hud.ac.uk by 1 March 2014 if you intend to submit a paper, with an indicative title.

The submission deadline for articles is 15 June 2014.

Please register and submit online, ensuring you are a current member of IASPM.

Special Issue Editors:
Dr. Rupert Till (IJ Editorial Board; Popular Music Studies Research Group, University of Huddersfield)
Prof. Lucy Green (IASPM UK & Ireland; Institute of Education, University of London)
Dr. Don Lebler (IASPM ANZ; Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University)

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