Global Hip Hop Reading Room (GHHRR)

Global Hip Hop Reading Room (GHHRR) is an all-online and informal reading group for hip hop lovers, academics, and practitioners to discuss texts on all facets of hip hop culture. Having previously been a one time zone group, we are now a two time zone group to cater towards more of the academic community outside the Anglophone world. The upcoming reading group will be held on May 3 at 11:30 am EST and May 24 at 3 pm Sydney time. 
For more information, see our website at
We also have a special event on May 15th at 1 pm BST where Dr. J. Griffith Rollefson of the CIPHER project will be presenting the organization to us. 
We will also have a relaxed session on June 7th at 12 pm EST, where we will listen to music. This is, however, subject to change in terms of timing and date for the month.