cfp: The Present and Future of Electronic Music

Call for Papers

The Present and Future of Electronic Music

University of Central Lancashire, 14 November 2018

Electronic music was once seen as the future of music. Is this still the case? Is the very term ‘electronic music’ useful in industrial and academic context? And if so, what differentiates today’s electronic music from non-electronic music and are these differences between these two types of musics likely to remain in future?

The Present and Future of Electronic Music seeks to answer some of these questions or at least help to clarify their meanings. We hope to bring together insights and ideas from a range of disciplines in music studies, including musicology, composition, performance, cultural theory, computing and philosophy, as well as industry, to examine the evolving field of electronic music.

Possible topics of papers include:

• The changing definitions of ‘electronic music’
• The subgenres of electronic music and their evolution
• The evolving relationship between electronic and non-electronic instruments
• The financial advantages and risk of producing and performing electronic music
• The place of electronic music in festivals

Submission of abstracts
To submit a paper please contact the conference organisers with an abstract of 200-300 words and a short bio by 31 July 2018.

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