cfp: Musical Mobilities –Stage and Film Musical in motion (15th Song, Stage & Screen conference)

Call for Papers – Song, Stage and Screen XV

We are delighted to be able to announce the Call for Papers for Song, Stage and Screen XV: “Mobilities – Stage and Film Musical in Motion”, to be held at Salzburg University (Austria) from June 30 – July 3, 2021.

We invite papers that scrutinize the stage and film musical through the notion of mobility. We are interested in contributions that approach the topic from diverse angles but with a constant focus on the mobility paradigm in the humanities. We aim to find new ways to analyze production, performance, composition, dance, artistic conception, and the political territorialization of the genre.

We particularly encourage paper proposals that focus on the following research questions:

  • How flexible/mobile are musical production systems? (repertoire, institutional forms, production)
  • How do musicals achieve mobility? (translation, cultural transcription, transfer)
  • How do musicals address issues of mobility, nomadism and migration?
  • What is the role of fixity (as opposed to mobility) in the ideology and practice of musicals – in regard to race, class, gender and sexual identity? In how far are the representations of the musical framed by methodological nationalism? How do systemic racism and discourses of inclusion, exclusion, identity politics and othering mould the political and cultural subtext of the musical?
  • How does a greater awareness of mobility in relation to Black Lives Matter affect the production, reception, and representation of the genre?
  • How does mobility relate to ability or disability?
  • How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the production, reception, and representation of the genre?
  • How do musicals utilize dance as a medium for structuring stage and screen space through movement?
  • What is the impact of cinema in making the genre more mobile?

Presentations will be scheduled for thirty minutes each, twenty minutes for the paper and ten minutes for discussion.

Abstracts of no more than 200 words should be entered via the online abstract submission form by December 14, 2020 for blind review by our international program committee. Please do not include your name and affiliation in the body of the abstract. Applicants will be notified by mid-January 2021.


  • Shana Redmond (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Derek B. Scott (University of Leeds)

Additional Arrangements

In order to enable persons to participate who will not be able to come to Salzburg physically, a restricted number of presenters will be offered the option of delivering their papers virtually in form of a video conference.

Should a travel warning (e.g. covid19) make it impossible to present in person then conference papers can also be presented online/digitally, but the default conference aim is to encourage in person intellectual exchange and debate by holding the conference on-site in Salzburg.

The Local Arrangements Committee is also working to ensure provision of childcare for children of conference participants. In case you need childcare, please contact the organization team.

The venue is barrier-free accessible.

Conference language is English.

Abstract Submission Form

Local Arrangements Committee (LAC):

  • Nils Grosch (PLUS Salzburg, Professor of Musicology, Head of the Department of Art history, Musicology and Dance Studies).
  • Carolin Stahrenberg (ABPU Linz, Professor of Musicology)
  • Ruard Absaroka
  • Natalie Stadler

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