Call for Proposals to Host the 2021 IASPM Biennial Conference

At the General Meeting that took place in Kassel in June 2017 some rules for the planning of future biennial conferences were approved. Among them, the need to propose candidacies in advance of the next GM. Therefore, the Executive Committee announces a call for proposals to host the 2021 IASPM Biennial Conference.

Such proposal must include details about:
• hosting institution or institutions;
• support of the local IASPM branch (if available);
• details of conference facilities and accommodation opportunities;
• provisional breakdown of costs, funding, and grants planning.

The main aim of the IASPM Biennial Conference is the exchange of scholarly work and the establishment of scholarly networks. Therefore, conference fees should be kept to a minimum to encourage the widest participation. The provision of university/student accommodation facilities and of childcare services will be especially valued.
The proposals will be made available to all members on the IASPM website and the international mailing list at least a month before the forthcoming General Meeting, to be held in Canberra during the next Biennial Conference. The General Meeting will evaluate the proposals, act by majority or unanimously on the next conference, and decide upon the approximate conference dates.
Proposals to host the 2021 IASPM Biennial Conference can be sent to the IASPM Chair ( before February 1st 2019.

On behalf of the EC,

Sílvia Martínez