ASPM Journal Vol 10, No 1 (2020)

IASPM Journal Vol 10, No 1 (2020), Open Issue can be accessed at:

Table of contents:


Editorial Introduction: 2020: “I’ve Seen It All”

Mary Fogarty Woehrel

Articles – Open Section

Sexual Violence and Gender Equality in Grassroots Music Venues: How to Facilitate Change

Rosemary Lucy Hill, Molly Megson

Björk on the Gallows: Performance, Persona, and Authenticity in Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark

Pascal Rudolph

The Impossible Made Real: A Typology of Loops and an Exploration of the Impact of Immediacy and Hypermediacy in Popular Music

Paul Carr, Ben Challis

IASPM Branch Reports

Popular Music in Spain: Current Lines of Research and Future Challenges

Ruth Piquer

Center for Popular Music Research and Popular Music Studies in Serbia: Institutionalization on the Musicological Margins

Bojana Srđan Radovanović

IASPM Hungary: Developments and New Directions in Popular Music Research

Emilia Barna


REVIEW | Kick It: A Social History of the Drum Kit

Bill Bruford

REVIEW | Performing Popular Music

Jenna Doyle

REVIEW | The Beatles and Fandom: Sex, Death and Progressive Nostalgia

Mark Duffett

REVIEW | The Cambridge Companion to The Rolling Stones

Lee Marshall

REVIEW | Henry Cow: The World is a Problem

Chris Anderton