Symposium: Spanish Musics and their [Western] Others: Negotiating Identity and Exoticism‏

Call for papers
Symposium: Spanish Musics and their [Western] Others: Negotiating Identity and Exoticism
7–8 December 2012
University of Melbourne, Australia

Western Music and entertainment have drawn on features of Spanish music and dance since at least the Napoleonic wars. In turn, constructions of musical exoticism based on Hispanic tropes have informed different manifestations of Spanish musical nationalism, as well as regional and popular musics of Spain. These “Spanish” musical identities have evolved and been reconfigured according to the dictates of competing cultural, political and social factors, yet Spain’s unique position and its enactment of cultural identity cannot easily be reconciled within current narratives of musical nationalism and exoticism.

Papers are invited that examine Spanish musical identity, engage with Western evocations of Spanish music, or explore such repertories in relation to constructions of nationalism and exoticism since 1800.

Papers may address repertories or issues relating to one of the following areas (or others related to the conference theme):

– Western art music
– Dance and theatrical spectacle
– National and regional musics
– Popular musics
– Flamenco
– Music and film

Please submit an abstract of not more than 250 words, with a brief biographical note, to Michael Christoforidis, by emailing by Monday 30 April 2012.

Paper-givers will be notified by mid-May, but if you need earlier notification, please indicate this in your submission.

There will be a publication of refereed proceedings.

Accommodation (2 nights) will be provided for international presenters.