Routes/Roots/Routines – IASPM-ANZ Annual Conference

2011 Conference
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Wednesday 23 to Friday 25 November 2011

Call For Papers (pdf version)
We are delighted to announce the call for papers for the 2011 annual conference of IASPM-ANZ. This year, the conference will be organised by convener Dr Geoff Stahl, and held at Victoria University of Wellington. We are pleased to stage our annual event in New Zealand once again, in keeping with the rotating conference schedule of Australia and New Zealand locations. Abstracts for paper presentations are now invited from researchers with an interest in popular music, regardless of disciplinary orientation. All papers detailing new and established research in the field will be considered, though preference may be given to papers that demonstrate clear engagement with the stated conference theme. Papers with a theoretical orientation are particularly encouraged, as are submissions from postgraduate students.

Conference Title
The movement and migration of people shapes, and is shaped by, popular music in diverse ways. This year’s title—Routes/Roots/Routines—is designed to capture the many dimensions associated with the connections between popular music and place. It encompasses the implications of popular music’s impact on settler, migrant and indigenous imaginaries and lived experiences in everyday contexts. We are seeking papers which address the global/local nexus, fixity and flow, home and away, and other issues this trio of terms conjures up when considered in relation to popular music.

There are three themes for the conference:

1. Routes
This theme invites papers that trace the cultural and geographical movements of music, instruments and musicians to new locations. What effect do migratory networks have on people, religion, customs and language? What impact has such movement made on the music preservation? Ownership comes into play: why do societies claim some imported musics as ‘their own’? Topics on indigenous music and/or communities, music networks and distribution, and hybrid musics are encouraged.

2. Roots
This theme is concerned with charting the migratory patterns of music to a single origin, or a multitude of places. In 2011, do we still need to locate the local within the global? Can music ever be severed from its ‘home’? Why does music take root in particular locations? What about the roots of popular music studies: what directions lie ahead in the future? Papers concerning popular music scholarship are invited, as well as papers challenging established scholarship, pervasive analytical methods, or aesthetic critiques that are pervasive in popular music studies.

3. Routines
This theme considers popular music routines in the context of ‘the everyday’. What global forces have mediated music such that it has become part of everyday life? Does ‘the routine’ equate with ‘the mundane’? How do routines shape our understanding of ‘popular music’ in academic discourse? This theme also invites papers that deal with the analysis of popular music which is routinely used in other contexts (literature, art, iconography, psychology, history, politics, etc).

Abstract Submission
Abstracts should be submitted as an email attachment (Word document, 12pt Times New Roman font) to by 6 June 2011. Please use your surname as the document title, as in Brunt.docx. Delegates requiring an extension of this deadline should indicate this in an email to the above address. The abstracts will be reviewed by the IASPM-ANZ Executive and the conference convener, and successful applicants advised promptly by email.

Please include in this order:

  • Name of author(s) (as you would like it to appear in the programme)
  • Institution or affiliation
  • Contact phone numbers, including international codes
  • Email
  • Title of paper
  • Abstract (250-300 words)
  • The conference theme suited to your paper
  • 5 keywords for your paper (for programming purposes)
  • Consideration for 2011 IASPM-ANZ postgraduate prize? (Yes/No)

Registration and Membership
Information on registration, accommodation and additional activities will be posted on the IASPM-ANZ website following the abstract review process. All presenters are required to be financial members of IASPM. Membership information can be found at the IASPM-ANZ webpage, and will also be provided at the time of conference registration. For further membership information, please contact IASPM-ANZ Treasurer Penny Spirou.

Conference Proceedings
IASPM-ANZ endeavours to publish a peer-reviewed proceedings for each annual conference. This year, we encourage the submission of papers that are in keeping with the theme, with the view to have a cohesive collection. All papers will undergo rigorous peer review, in order to produce a quality-ensured publication. Delegates wishing to submit their papers for review should provide a copy in Word to by 31 March 2012.

Please follow the stylistic conventions for Harvard. Please observe a maximum 4,000-word limit (including List of References)

Postgraduate Prize
Each year, IASPM-ANZ awards one postgraduate presenter with the IASPM-ANZ Postgraduate Prize for the best paper. The $250 AUD prize is determined by an independent panel of established members. To be considered for this prize, you must be currently enrolled as a postgraduate student. Please indicate your interest when submitting your abstract.

This year, the organisers will forgo the traditional ‘IASPM jam night’, in favour of other musical ventures. Wellington offers a variety of live music performances in nearby Cuba Street and Courtenay Place, and an update of local offerings will be made closer to the conference date. Delegates are also encouraged to make suggestions for social activities to be included in the conference schedule.

Conference attendees may also be interested in the Conference of the New Zealand Musicological Society (NZMS), which is held directly after IASPM-ANZ, from 26-28 November 2011. It will be held on the same campus as IASPM-ANZ, and hosted by the New Zealand School of Music, Wellington. Keynote speakers are Suzanne Cusick (NYU) and Michelle Kisliuk (University of Virginia), with Te Rita Papesch (University of Canterbury) leading a round-table on Maori music.

For queries regarding the conference please contact either the conference convenor or the IASPM-ANZ Chair:

Convenor, Dr Geoff Stahl
Victoria University of Wellington

IASPM-ANZ Chair, Dr Shelley Brunt
University of Otago