Popular Music Studies: Problems, Disputes, Questions

Call for Papers Popular Music Studies: Problems, Disputes, Questions, University of Glasgow, 12-14 September 2008. The biennial conference of the UK and Ireland branch of IASPM will be hosted by the Department of Music at the University of Glasgow between 12 and 14 September 2008. Conference Theme The aim of this conference is to address the issues that have in recent years excited most conversation and disagreement among IASPM members. Papers are invited on three topics in particular. Music and National Identity [When, if ever, can music usefully be described in national terms? (English or Scottish folk? Welsh or Irish rock?) What are the problems of national music policies? Should popular music studies reject the concept of the nation entirely? Are concepts of ‘ethnic’ or ‘hybrid’ music any more valid? How is the nation gendered within popular music?] Popular Music Theory [Does popular music studies ‘lack theory’? What sort of theory do we need? What are the most useful theoretical concepts in the field? Which the most redundant? Has gender been under-theorised within Popular Music Studies? What is or should be the relationship between academic/theoretical approaches to popular music and vocational/practical approaches?] The Musical Experience [What is a musical experience? How are people’s responses to music determined? How/why do they change over time? How does gender impact on the musical experience? What can we learn about musical subjectivity and response from psychologists of music? Is popular music necessarily a source of pleasure?] Proposals Paper proposals are invited on these topics-and on any other issue of popular music debate. Proposals will be welcomed from any perspective, using any methodology and addressing any kind of music. Papers should last for 20 minutes and the conference organisers will be asking chairs to keep to this limit. Guest Speakers Guest speakers at the conference will include Professor Simon Frith (University of Edinburgh) and Professor Allan Moore (University of Surrey) in debate, and Bill Drummond (formerly of the KLF). In addition John Williamson (manager of Belle and Sebastian) will present a discussion of the Glasgow music scene with local musicians. Social Events The conference will feature a Civic Reception at Glasgow City Halls and a Saturday evening social at a local venue. Other Information Glasgow has one of the most vibrant music scenes in the UK, having in the past few years produced acts such as Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand and The Fratellis. It has a great range of venues including The Barrowland Ballroom, King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, the Academy, the ABC, Barfly, the Garage, the (Renfrew) Ferry, the Royal Concert Hall and the SECC. It also boasts a highly diverse music scene with significant dance, country and western and folk scenes. For more information see: www.seeglasgow.com/seeglasgow/photo-gallery/cityofmusic The conference will be located at the University of Glasgow which is located in the West End of the City. This location is host to a range of excellent restaurants, bars, pubs and venues all of which are in walking distance of the venue. Organising Committee A local Organising Committee has been established consisting of: Martin Cloonan (University of Glasgow Simon Frith (University of Edinburgh) Raymond MacDonald (Glasgow Caledonian University) Mark Percival (Queen Margaret University) John Williamson (University of Glasgow) Submitting Proposals Proposals should include the name and contact details (email) of the proposer, the tile of the proposal and an abstract of no more than 150 words. Please send proposals to Martin Cloonan – M.Cloonan@music.gla.ac.uk. The deadline for proposals is 1 May 2008. Website The conference website will be updated regularly. It can be found at: www.music.gla.ac.uk/iaspm/ Dr Martin Cloonan Convener of Postgraduate Studies Department of Music University of Glasgow 14 University Gardens Glasgow G12 8QQ Phone: 0141 330 4903 Fax: 0141 330 3518 E-Mail: M.Cloonan@music.gla.ac.uk In September 2007 the Department of Music will introduce a new M.Litt in Popular Music Studies. Please contact me if you would like further details.

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