Popular Music and Society – Special Issue on Journalism and Popular Music

Submissions are invited for a special edition of Popular Music and Society, which will focus on the general theme of journalism and popular music.

Contributors are invited to consider the topic in diverse ways; possible themes might include:

  • the status of the "critic"
  • the politics of fanzines
  • popular music periodicals and magazines
  • the functions of the rock/pop journalist: concert reviews; album reviews; interviews
  • perspectives on the audience(s)
  • TV, radio, and online journalism
  • case studies: publications; musical genres; performers; journalists
  • popular music coverage in the mainstream press (tabloid and quality)
  • professional issues: creativity and control; career trajectory; training and entry
  • specialist publications (metal; country; jazz; blues)
  • histories of the music media
  • the growth of the profession
  • social and musical imagery in the media: ethnicity; gender; disability; sexuality
  • global perspectives
  • the music press and the charts
  • journalistic strategies and techniques
  • journalism theory: research; objectivity vs. subjectivity; gatekeepers
  • photojournalism
  • the significance of degree programs: Journalism; Popular Music Studies
  • the press conference
  • marketing and advertising strategies

In the first instance, potential contributors are asked to submit abstracts (approximately 250 words) and brief CVs by November 1, 2008.

Those selected for inclusion will then be invited to submit articles (6,000-8,000 words) by November 1, 2009.

The issue of Popular Music and Society will be published in 2010.

Please address all communication to the Guest Editor:

Dr. Ian Inglis
Reader in Popular Music Studies
Media & Communication
Lipman Building
University of Northumbria
Newcastle upon Tyne

Email: ian.inglis@unn.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 227 3417

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